How good is Chael Sonnen???

I hear a lot of people talk about Chael, how good is he? On sherdog it says that he beat Jason Miller but theres like 3 Jason Millers so I dunno. I know he trains with Team Quest so he must be pretty good. right?

Well he comes from a great team for sure...I think he beat our own Jaysun from Oyama...

Very good!

Chael is an Excellent fighter and for those of you who make it to Foxwoods ont he 20th you will get to see him in action first hand.

Who is he fighting at Foxwood? And where is it??

Shane Shartzer of Eddy Deluca's Reality Fighting

The Foxwood Casino is in Connecticut exit 92 off of

Is this Shane Shartzer 1st fight?

No sherdog has him listed incorrectly FCF is closer but this would be shane's 105th fight as per his manager/trainer Eddy Deluca

his actuall record as given to me by Eddy is 68-37-0

Chael already fought Babalu in probably the most contraversial fight in the history of the sport. Everyone's got a different story. I haven't seen the fight, but there's so much contraversy that even watching the fight wouldn't clear it up.

He fought Babalu.

Babalu beat him handily from all accounts Ive heard .....Prangley and Griffin also subbed him quickly .....I heard hes decent if you have no submission in your arsenal .....

He is good but boring.

"Babalu beat him handily from all accounts Ive heard"

I've heard some accounts say that Babalu won, but just as many say that Chael won. The real contraversy comes in that Babalu was told it was a 2 round fight, Chael was told it was 3 rounds. In mid fight they switched it from 3 to 2, and they told Babalu but not Chael. So, from what I've heard, Chael won round 1...Babalu, knowing it was the final round, came back strong in round 2 while Chael conserved his energy for the 3rd and final round, which did not exist.

Shoddy work by the promoters for sure, but the best I can make sense of it is that each guy won a round and the only way to solve it is to let them rematch in a decent promotion.

I agree with bradu. (light bulb goes off)

when was the babalu fight?

How would he have done against Dan The Wolfman?

Holy nutrider Batman!!

Where's the pic of Forrest catching a High Kick to the head from Jeremy Horn (striking extraordinaire!!). Point being, anybody can get caught.

Chael is a boring wrestler right now, but maybe with Team Quest he can improve.. who knows.