How good is Kitaoka

Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on Satoru Kitaoka?

He beat Shaffa quickly but that didn't show us anything we didn't already know about him. At any rate who thinks he can be a force now that he is at lightweight?

Ok nobody cares, noted

he's tapped daley, pellegrino and condit. he's pretty good.

Yes he is, but this was his first fight at lightweight. What I'm wondering is if anyone thinks he can be a force.

I know that during the fight the announcers were talking about the possibility of him fighting Gomi.

WVR is planning to have a GP to see who can fight gomi.

although the idea is stupid and unneccesary kitaoka has a good chance of being the guy to win the gp and maybe even beat gomi (who is overrated imo)