How good is Mike Kyle?

and can he hang with Cabbage? What are his strengths and weaknesses?

cabbage can beat any B level fighter, and i know mike kyle fits into that range.

kyle is pretty bad ass

this may sound like trolling but its FACTUAL INFORMATION.

Cabbage will win. Why? Look up Kyle's record on Sherdog- he has fought more guys that are 0-5 than any fighter out there. The COMBINED record of his opponents are like 3-40-2. He fought 2 A-B level guys in Buenetello and Bobbish and lost (although he that bobish eye shit should have been a stoppage).

Kyle looks mennacing but hanst fought above c-b level yet.

On the other hand, Cabbage is not exactly a technical wizard either. Kyle's plan should be get him down and pound to victory.

Does he have any amateur wrestling in his background?

In the Bobish fight I think Kyle could have won easily, he stuned bobish whit an uperctud and had the chance to put the hurt on him, but instead he trew a weak ass push kick and gave bobish all the time to recup. That's the only kile fight I've seen and I tought that whit some more experience and going for the kill atittude he could be great. Just my two cents



Kyle has looked pretty good in the fights I've seen him in, but is definitely a huge underdog against Cabbage.

This fight will probably be exciting, but Cabbage should win by KO.

This will be a good fight to build Cabbage. Kyle looks imposing, but I think you're right that he doesn't have the experience against tough opponents that Cabbage does. Good move for the UFC to build Cabbage (their new Tank).

I will say that he flat out KOed Scary Jerry.Jerry woke up and didnt realize that the fight was over,and still wanted to fight.

Not good enough to beat Cabbage.........................................

kyle will be destroyed. his last fight was against an absolute nobody and he had a somewhat difficult time. he is very strong though, and if cabbage didn't have the chin he does i would give kyle a slight chance.

kyle and alverex look like they could walk through anyone

Cabbage! Cabbage! Cabbage!

Kyle lost a takedown contest to
Rich Crunkilton.

Just because you guys have not seen much of a fighter you write him off when he is set to face a bigger name. You have to remember though, Kyle is now being trained by one of the best trainers out there, and the improvement will be apparent as soon as the fight starts.

Let's put it this way ... Kyle was beating Buentello early on, and had him rocked a couple of times in their fight. This was before Mike was even training seriously. It was shortly after the Buentello fight that he signed with Zinkin/Cook/AKA, and has improved immensely since that time.

Paul Buentello used to eat Cabbage up in sparring, and would school him in a MMA fight (facts, not conjecture). It's also a fact that Cabbage eats way too many shots in a lot of his fights, and Kyle has too much power to just let him tee off on you. I say Mike knocks Wesley down early, and then finishes him off with some huge shots on the ground.

i have seen kyles latest fights and i am not impressed at all. although his power might prove to be a problem for cabbage.

Kabbage will

Kill Kyle.

Kyle is very tough and has a win over Kaui koppahai, tough fighter, should be a great fight and action packed. Cabbage is awesome as well.

TTT for both fighters.

Kyle has beat kaui kuapahai and is very tough.

TTT for both fighters