How good is Mike Kyle?


wow he beat "the Hawaiian assasin"?

Kyle fought a nobody, from the world famous MMA team,"Sacramento BJJ" in that latest WEC.

I guess he won pretty easily... but the guy (Jude something?) nearly pulled off a pretty sweet kimura to sweep from the bottom... but got too close to the fence, and Kyle was able to stay on top...

I see anyone with a good guard subbing him... but outside of Mino, how many good guards are there in the HW division?


I think Kyle is a good opponent - lots of potential

People need to remember that it's very difficult to display your skills against someone as big and strong as Bobish -- he can literally neutralize all of your ground skills.

Kyle gave up a lot of weight to Bobish.
Kyle was about 265 and I think Bobish was over 300.

Cabbage will win anyway but, Kyle has a ton of potential. Cabbage is probably more than he can chew right now.

kyle is a fiar fighter, still young. he was putting a hurtin on Dan boshish before the eye poke and dan came back and turned the table on him...he's a decent fighter, but I don't think he'll beat cabbage

I don't think that Kyle's punches are going to be an issue for Cabbage, Sylvia hit him with punches twice as hard as he hit Ricco or Gan. If he wants to stand with Cabbage, then Cabbage by KO.

I Wish I knew how he gets a shot in the "big show!!!"