How good is Patricio Pitbull,top 5 in ufc?

Patricio looks super impressive but the only fighter I really can gauge him on is his win over Chandler. Do you think he could be a top 5 fighter in the ufc?

I think he would be top 5 at 55 or 45. Can’t really deny him at this point.

He could be #1 at 145lbs in the UFC.

He’s far more dynamic than Volkanovski (who should’ve lost his last fight vs Holloway).

Holloway would be an interesting fight. He has a big reach advantage, but Patricio has a lot more firepower.


Couldn’t watch last night, anyone have a link?

Would love to see Pitbull in the UFC. Very possible he’s the champ there as well, but vs any of the top 5 would be great.
Really looking forward to his fight with AJ McKee though, he’s been super impressive as well

He’s a great fighter and one I’d love to see in the ufc. How he would go is always going to be a question mark until he does it.

I used to hate on him, but the guy can fight. He destroyed Chandler quickly. I’d love to see him against the Top guys in the UFC. Remember he would also have to be under USADA testing which I think he currently would have huge problems with.

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Pitbull/McKee is a wicked good match-up.

If Pitbull makes it to the UFC, he’d be at least 34. It’s a shame he’d be at the tail end of his prime. But, like Chandler, maybe he can make a quick run for a UFC title.

usada would be a challenge imo


I’ve been saying he is the most underrated fighter in MMA for like five years now and people on the UG would always say he was in the B league, he had poor this, poor that. It made no sense. If you watched all three of his fights in the tourny you will see he is in his prime. He has three loses in his career, one a split decision, two he avenged and the forth was an injury TKO in a fight he was winning up at LW vs Bendo.

Pitbull vs McKee in the finals of this tournament for the GP title and the FW title is the best fight Bellator has ever booked. Undefeated young challenger who is 17-0 in the promotion and just subbed a former NCAA champ and Bellator champ in the semis vs the 2x FW champ with six title defenses, a LW championship and two tournament championships within the promotion.

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Pitbull and Aldo started fighting in the same year, are the same weight, from the same country and had almost the same record for much of their careers. Much of their reigns as WEC/Bellator/UFC champs overlapped. It is a shame they never got to fight one another. Five or ten years ago Aldo would have been the favorite to win, the past few years though, Pitbull would be the clear favorite.


145 may be the best division in MMA right now. There is 155 as well but 145 has younger fighters it seems.

AJ McKee gonna wreck pitbull

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Just like Chandler, I think it’s safe to say that we don’t know EXACTLY how good he is, but we know enough to know he’s elite.

To me, he’s right there with Volk, Max, and Ortega. I think he’s better than TKZ and Kattar. And we don’t know enough to know how good Zabit is. Maybe he’s at the bottom of that list, or maybe he’s at the top? I think Max is a particularly tough matchup for him. But, he’s a stud.

Don’t know how either of the Pitbull brothers do it: Not only do they overcome massive size and reach disadvantages to win the vast majority of their fights, but they KTFO just about all of their opponents.

I was about to reply with some details on why I’d favor TKZ or Kattar over him, all the while admitting it would be close and not a surprise to see it go either way…which basically answers the OP’s question…yeah, you’d have to consider the dude top 5 if we’re debating how he’d do with guys like TKZ. If he’s not top 5, he’d be 6-7 for sure.

I think he gets crushed at 155 though…he hit Chandler clean and pounced, but Chandler was starting to stand up when the ref came in and looked good as they were breaking it. It’s possible Pitbull followed up and dropped him again 10 seconds later and got the win, but that stoppage was bad…and either way, I don’t necessarily think we learned much about him there. The fight was too quick, and we knew all along he had the power to stop guys if he catches them clean. There are too many killers that are way too big for him at 155 in the UFC, I’m not even sure he cracks the top 10 ever.