How gsp ruined my chances

Recently I was at a party with alot of people who I work with and there was some heavy flirting going on between me and one of the waitreses I work with.

Well while the night was winding down me and this girl ended up in a room together and started kissing. Well this girl tells me that a guy has never gotten her off before. Well I was ready to bring my A game, and things were about to get going when my two buddies start calling me letting me know that they were leaving soon.

Well right after this girl tells me no guy has gotten her off before and right as the action starts my phone goes off and my ring tone is none other than gsp singing Im not impressed, im not impressed, by your performance.

Kind of put a damper on the mood :( o well better luck next time


its because u didn't have the Rid-um

Rid-um crack saves the thread.

i do what i can