How handsome is El Guapo?

Why does he keep mentioning El Guapo is so handsome? How handsome is he? And what is the significance of this?

He's soo hot right now, El Guapo.

Bas by 8 ball to the head.........

I dont know. As a man I see all other men as ape like beast's. So to me he looks like a bald, shaved, albino silverback.

"How handsome is El Guapo?"

I don't know, but I hear he likes to dance...

He got the nickname because he used to be a model, I think its just a joke based on that. We have some funny pics of Bas modeling on the site at:

He is really, realy, really ridiculously good-looking


My Mom says Bas Rutten is a hottie...LOL

Bas looks so much smaller in his modeling days. He got some serious hang time in that jump kick.

"How is that guy holding him up?"

With his Kung Fu Grip of course!

he wasnt so hot in the 3 amigos