How hard do you go?

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My question, how hard do you go in training. All out, light, or somewhere in between? I find myself holding back and am wondering if thats the norm.


I train as hard as I can. Just push your limits man. For me, even if I get my ass kicked I still feel good knowing I fought as hard as I could.

I think it all depends on who you are training with at the time, myself I go as hard as my training partner.

open gaurd is right on.

If I am training with smaller people I go about half speed.If I am training with heavyweights that are trying to use their size against me I go closer to full speed,not to be a dick but because it is necessary for my survival

I always discuss this before I start to train with some one. I don't want to be surprised when they start throwing bombs and I am just going 50%  or vis versa.

You have to gauge the training partner you are going with. I have my group that go hard all the time, then I have a group that are moderate, none of them go light. But they hold back a bit, go for timing, distance, speed, accuracy but pull back on the power at the right times. It's good to do both ways, if you go light all the time that's how you'll fight, hard all the time you miss out on some of the technical aspects and not everyone is there to go hard.

Grappling I routinely go close to 100%.

Standup or GnP I never am going for the KO.

Unless you are a pro who is paying your training partners I dont see how you can "train to break it" like Mir or routinely KO your guys like Cro Cop.

Yeah, 100% when grappling. My above description was on striking.

Hurting training partners and going hard are 2 differnt things...if you dont go hard some,you will be shocked in the ring....thats the point of sparring make you feel more comfotable and sharp in the ring.

Punchdrunk, do you see a higher level of skill from either the 'light sparring' gym or the 'heavy sparring' gym? I am from the school of thought that someone should spar light (not tip-tap, with intensity but not trying to kill each other) when only training. I am interested in hearing what you saw as results.

well i never crank a submission hard enough to injure someone whos too cool to tap. and i tap quick to avoid injuring myself

"You can't learn when you are fighting for your life"

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I prefer to talk it over with my training partners when we are training NHB to see at what week they are at in preparation for a fight and what intensity they want.

Since I'm one of the worst guys at my gym, when I show up that is, I mainly serve as a moving punching bag but hell I have a good time.

A bit of a similar situation is all the guys who don't want to work technique in class or do any drills. All they want to do is roll live.

I've seen more progress in my grappling game using some of Frank Shamrock's games and various live drills than I ever have in the time was just rolling all the time.

Depends on who you're grappling, if you're building up to a comp, if you've got some injuries.

Ideally, I like to go either 70% or 100%. Always at least 100% for a couple of rolls anyway.

There's a time to train until you're absolutely spent and there's a time to back off so that you want to come back the next day. For years, I just murdered myself in the gym and didn't learn as much as I could have because of it. Now, I just go in either to kill myself with conditioning or to learn. If you're learning new stuff, you definitely shouldn't be drilling it hard until you'd done it 5-600 times. (to get myself out of this habit, I started doing my shadow boxing wearing street clothes)

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"My question, how hard do you go in training. All out, light, or somewhere in between? I find myself holding back and am wondering if thats the norm."

It depends on the workout and the partner.

Some workouts are for trying new stuff, wearing yourself down, timing or whatever. In those, I go hard enough to challenge myself but still be able to accomplish the main purpose of the session.

When you know you aren't in one of the above kind of workouts, you've got to judge how hard to go against who's present. Sure, I could go full blast against a beginner - but to what end? So I smoke a beginner, BFD - it doesn't do him any good and likely does me little.

If its someone who has some advantage - size, strength, speed or experience - I go hard enough to make it difficult for them to use their advantage. I try to "beat them to the punch" with my strengths (whatever those are.)

Also - we talk to each other. Some folks will flat out say they are taking it easy for some reason - injured, sick, not enough sleep etc. If someone says they are going light AND they truly are, then you are a jerk if you don't accomodate them.

In the end, unless there are some mitigating circumstances (injury, whatever) I go hard enough to keep from getting smoked or shut down completely and light enough so everyone can show up to train the next day.


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