How hard is it to disappear completely

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there was a documentary a while back on how to completely erase yourself and start over...i cant find it through google though

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StevetheWeasel -
God damn I was 9 hours too late! Phone Post 3.0

I would imagine it's hard to disappear with wealth.. broke it would be quite easy.

basswork - I'm basically doing that right now, completely severed all social ties and living in solitude Phone Post 3.0
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Much harder than it used to be as official documents are a lot harder to forge and easy to crosscheck databases etc.

Look at whitey bulger.

I think you would have to leave the country Phone Post 3.0

ghost of KVR -

I came across this a couple months ago, thought it was interesting, not sure how accurate it is



can read the rest here

Whether that is legit or not, it was a very interesting read. I just got done reading the whole thing. Thanks! Phone Post 3.0

Am I the only one considering doing this?

1. To see if I can
2. Just in case I have a personal SHTF and need to be in the wind lol Phone Post 3.0

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It's pretty tough, even the first stage, cutting all existing ties (friends, family, work etc) in a way where nobody is going to get suspicious or call in the cops takes serious time and effort, not to mention enough money to live on while becoming a hermit.

I'm not talking new person, ID, birth certificate, etc. I just means not telling people where ain't going, picking up stakes, and leaving for a new city. Is it all but impossible? Phone Post 3.0

There was a Wired author who tried to disappear for a while.

There was a contest to find him with a cash prize. He eventually got found out, but only because Wired gave him incentives to perform tasks that could get him caught.

you'd need some kind of magic.

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