Getting back into Training after a lonbg time off,
Ive havnt trained at all for about 3-4 months. Tonight i Kicked bag for about 25mins and i was ROOTED.
im not looking forward to Rolling next week, Especially with Ausguy cos he just likes to hurt me i think :)
Anyone know the feeling,

don't forget to bring a bucket for the inevitable lactic acid build

Its also great 2 days after when all your muscle stiffen up and refuse to work, and yes know the feeling well.

Awwww come on Frank (innocent look on face)


Hey Crag, ive got just a bit more to do on my new tat,which is done next week, so i will see ya after the new year, Colin was saying that your training sunday as well, thats awsome.
make sure you eat lots of fatty foods and drink lots of piss over christmas, dont worry about fitness, that way ill have an easier time with it :0