How highly do you rate this cluster of fights?

How highly do you rate this cluster of fights (on paper) compared to any other two or three week period of time over say the past five years?

I just think this is on paper, tremendous and a 5 star stretch of fights measured against the current norm.

10/15 ONE FW GP
10/16 Bellator LHW GP
10/16 UFC FN
10/19 UFC CS
10/22 BKFC
10/23 KSW
10/23 GLORY
10/23 Bellator Russia
10/23 UFC FN
10/26 UFC CS
10/27 PFL Finals
10/29 ONE
10/30 UFC 267
11/2 UFC CS
11/5 Bellator Dublin
11/6 UFC 268

Had to add another Contender Series card in there.

Sixteen big promotion shows in three weeks.

That is a pretty impressive lineup. I wish there was one thread here that had a master list of the (legal) stream links to all these events so that people looking could have an easy reference.