How I did at the Arnolds this Year

Hey everyone

I just got home from the Arnold's late this afternoon. I made weight at 134lbs from 142lbs in two days. Once I got down there, I was immediately overwhelmed with the amount of respect I was given from last years performance. The head of the tournament, John Cooper, came to me and thanked me for returning, Brian Cimmons of Grapplers Quest came up to me with a flyer that had my name on it for a pro grappling fight. He wanted me to fight for him in 2 weeks in Vagas. Sadly enough, because of work, I wont be able to attend his show. There was a lot of familiar faces and even new faces that came up to me to get to know me because of last years performance. I got to meet a lot of cool people and was invited to about 4-5 places over the US to come and train with them. Grapplers Quest dropped me a free skully hat, NAGA dropped me a free sweat shirt, Havoc threw me a t shirt from the crowd ...... Im gratful for all the stuff I was given and all the respect and all the invits from this weekend. And also the 3-4 sponsorship deals I landed this weekend.

Ok ok, I know a lot of you are wondering how I did. I lost in the first round by two points. I got the takedown for 2 points and then scrambled for a few. She took my back for 4 points. I recovered to her guard where she held me for most of the match. I finally got back to my feet. For the last 2.5 mins (the match was 10 mins long) of the match, my opp kept running off the mat and stalling from me. Because she was up on points at the end of time, she won.

This years Arnold's was ran worse than last years. All the changes that were promised to take place, never happened. The judging was just as bad as last years, they said they where going to put it in a bigger room with more mats, that never happened, everything was a 4-6 hour delay. A large out break happened towards the end to where the cops showed up. There was a lot of people there that wanted to see me and the other fighters fight but left cause everything was taking so long. When it was time for fighters to fight, half of them where tired and worn out from the wait and where not able to compete at their very best. I had someone ask me, "Marie, I can't believe your going to fight again after what they did to you last year." Things like this just shouldn't have to happen. All and all, I had a blast this weekend during my 4 day stay, with the people we hung out with, the bar after the fights, just everything, I had so much fun. But I have to say, I definitely wasn't happy about this years Arnold's. Not with how I fought, but with the whole tournament.

In a way, I was actually happy about my loss, because now, the pressure is off and this will push me to get back into training and to come back strong next year and from here on out.

Thank you to all my sponsors for making this weekend happen for me. Also, thanks Tim for shooting photos of me this year.

Marie Colangelo - - - - -

No problem Marie.. It was nice to meet you, and I will happy to photo-g anytime our paths cross. Keep me posted on your schedule this year, I am sure we end up at the same event more than once this year. Good luck with your training!!


Thanks Tim. I will deffenitly keep you informed.

Colangelo, I hope that you felt a fair judging of your match was in order.

Yeah, there was no shaddy judgeing with my match. There was with others though.

I know where all the points came from in my match. Was just dumbed at the end when I didnt get a chance to go back to the ground with her.

I have more tournaments lined up for the next 3 months .. no worries.