How I met your mother

anybody else watching this epically tremendouslly astronomically funny ass show?

Neil Patrick Harris KILLS on this show.

Started watching season 4 on FearMir's recommendation and now I'm going back and watching from season 1 (downloaded from the interwebs FTW)

if you are not watching, do yourself a favor and start.

*Hypothetical High 5

forgot to mention that I'm watching this on Joy's iphone @ the SF airport on our 3 hr lay over.


Huge fan of NPH

Show = wait for it..

wait for it...


ok show... but not nearly as good as Make it or Break it!

Jimmy "jacks" to Neil Patrick Harris!


He has successfully moved out of the shadow of Doogie Howser MD. That was no simple feat and many before him have failed to overcome their childhood actor roles.

it was truly a letdown when i found out about his whole cockgobbling habit. :(

Yeah that kinda of turns his acting carrer for me. He can't look like he is picking up chicks, when all he wants is to be arss reeemed.

Thats what makes it so funny!

 I love this show. I know Naks shares the same humor and even though he's years older than me, can relate to the characters in this very well written show.

I know many of the fellow HG'ers will as well.

The show is good enough and NPH is good enough that not only does he surpass the Doogie role, but you forget that he's a homo and really believe that he has so much more game than anyone i've ever known.

Also get the "Bro Code" book by Barney Stinson "NPH".  Is teh HILARIOUS!

Side note.  I got a new job, but working alongside T-mobile again.  I still plan to quit if I get this Motorola Job.  Still, they seem to like me enough to approve yet another vacation for me soon in Oct.  Yes I'll be back again.  Sat I have to go to wedding, Sun if fellow Fairtex buddy comes, his bday.  Oh Man.  I don't plan to sleep this time.