How important is cardio in comp

Give cardio a percentage in terms of importance in a tournament match.


Cardio 30% Technique 60%, Strength 10%...


I'd say Technique 80%, Strength 5%-10% Cardio 10-15%

I just know that with a gi, it's slower, more methodic and takes an assload more technique.

When I'm rolling no-gi, I lose some subs because of my opp's strength. If I'm out of shape cardio-wise- game over trying to hold any sort of pace.

Depends on your skill, tactics and the tournament. Could be anything between 10-90%.

in one match. about 20% cardio 80% technique

but for a whole tournament id say cardio is at least 50%..

after 3 or 4 matches the cardio really starts toi be a factor especially if you have matches that end in points going the distance.

I'd say at least 50%. You're nervous so your heart rate is already high before the fight starts. Being able to bring it back down quickly is essential.

99% My game is run from my opponent until he's tired and then go for a takedown while he's gasping for air.


Although brthtkr is probably the most correct, I'll throw in my 2 cents anyways: in a tournament, I think the breakdown is: 40% cardio, 40% mental state (poise, focus, gameplan), and 20% technique. When you're tired and your body doesn't want to respond, everything goes out the window, and it doesn't matter if you're technically "better" than your opponent, you'll get smashed.

depends on your other skills.

I'm not sure. I always train alot off bjj (at lest 10 hours a week, but often more) but never done cardio other than that very seriously. When I have trained two classes a day or did cardio on the side, I have never notices a big leap in performance. But I think I would say it was very important if I ever did less cardio.
I guess I would say it's declining returns if you do additional cardio, assuming you already do much jits as you can.

I would agree with orudis about the lack of cardio making it harder to do technique.

As for doing cardio other then rolling I think that depends on your age. Once your over 32 (unless you just have great wind) you need to do extra cardio.

I think its horrible to roll if I have been away along time from injury and not done any cardio. Nothing works without cardio.

I think ALL fighting, gi, no gi, MMA, and self defense depends on three things: technique, mind set, and physical attributes (which consists of size, strength, athleticism, cardio, etc.). Being great in one can make up for being not so great in others.

Example: really strong guys can muscle through techniques or the guys that can fight forever with great cardio (physical), really technical guys can catch much bigger guys (technique), and we all know the guys that never quit even when they are getting killed and seem to weather the storm (mental).

So how important is cardio? Well it's 33% important and it can be 100% important depending on who you are fighting. If your opponent is a good match with similar technique and mind set, then cardio may be the thing that carries you through. Especially in a tournament where you have to fight several matches or on the street fighting several people.

and on that note, my cardio really sucks and I need to train more.

I suck at all 3 aspects now, so I just stay in the stands.

Cardio is the more important than technique IMO. You have to be proficient, but if you can push a pace that drains your opponent, you will probably win.

It can mentally break people to realize that no matter what they do, you will still be coming with everything you have.

how much time do you have between matches at a typical NAGA or GQ?


With out cardio you can not sustain technique, with out technique you can not sustain cardio.

I think that technique is what separates competitors in different divisions, but that cardio is a big part of success with in a division. If there is a big technique gap, I don't think cardio is very important. If technique is close together, than cardio is hugely important-especially, as someone noted above, during tournaments, rather than single matches.


I think it depends on the opponent.
Better the opponent batter cardio i need because he is gonna push me all the time...

But i say 50% minimum

I think that nowdays physical atributes are very very important. At least cardio and muscle endurance.But everybody is analyzing from a wrong perspective.

If you are planing to compete, you have to know that you will compete with people of the same technique level more or less. So at this scenario, what will guide you succesfully to win tournaments are physical attributes. So for me this minimum 50%. another 25% is mental attributes. And the rest, technique.

Have you seen all the champions (Gi and NoGi)? everybody is in a very good shape and trains physical attributes especificaly. And nowdays, for me 50% is technique and 50% physical training if you wanna be a complete fighter. Is very difficult to win a tournament after 5 or 6 fights at the same afternoon if you are not in a good profesional shape.

Another scenario is if you want to confront in a theorical scenario a purple/brown belt in Bjj for example (155 lbs) with a 200 lbs body builder that has only one year of training (or nothing if you want). Here 90% is technique. No Doubts.

But what is imposible to train is mental strengh. And is what guide you to victory when physical and technique attributes are equal.