How important is your mind in mma?

Was wondering how important it is for fighters to get their mentality right, I mean not just on fight night but during the grind of training etc etc. I heard Keenan Cornelius talk about it and found it interesting. I've seen guys in the gym train furiously and then fight night comes and they can't do it the same. Frank Mir talked about his build up on the day and it was pretty cool to hear about from a guy who's done it all.

Link to Keenan Cornelius (blue please)

Link to Mir (blue please)

Any thoughts on this?

Finally, I apologise for being a 13er and that this thread isn't about Jones, war machine or Honda Phone Post 3.0

80% of the game is half mental





ranier wolfcastle -

80% of the game is half mental





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I work with fighters to prepare them mentally for fights. I launched a focus MP3 series with Bang Ludwig eariler in the week and there's a video on the link of him discussing mindset and its importance in MMA. 

Bang mindset video: 


There isn't anything more important to fighting or anything else in life, imo.

Phil Davis says 100%!!?
Your body is an extension apparently...
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Not at all.

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It's huge. At least half of a fight is between the ears imo. Phone Post 3.0

A fighters mind by Sam sheridan is Def worth the read. While your at it read a fighters heart both great books Phone Post 3.0

One of the reasons weidman is so good is because he fights very smart and loses his cool Phone Post 3.0

It's like golf. If you get thrown off your game, and frustrated, you're gonna have a bad time. Phone Post 3.0

Galanis -

I also recommend A Fighter's Mind. One of the best combat sports books ever written

Sure is. Phone Post 3.0