How impressed were you with Fedor?

That was one sweet armbar!!! Fedor looked very confident.

he moved like he was 145 lbs.

Fyodor performed one of the best submissions I've ever seen in PRIDE. That armbar came out of nowhere.

no can defend

I donm't know if he'll win. Anything can happen.

He moved incredibly well for a big man though.

I was shocked at the speed of his arm bar, ground and pound fighter...perhaps, but the man is VERY well rounded.

I was very upset that Mark lost, but I think Fedor could have hit that armbar on a lot of the heavyweights.

I wasn't impressed UNTIL the armbar. That was a thing of beauty.

Does anyone have a clip of that armbar?

Trying to find out what grip he used Jonpall? :)

lol @ estanmilko! :) Not really, but good idea, man ;)

Overgripped the arm near the elbow with his arm on the same side, underhooked the leg with the other arm and spun, bellied out and finished it. :)

"I wasn't impressed UNTIL the armbar. That was a thing of beauty"

I agree. Did anyone else think Fedor looked rocked by those shots Mark gave him from the RNC position?

I did. It looked like he was gonna be soundly beaten until that armbar came out of nowhere.


Man, for a guy who's built like a garbage can, Fedor is one flexable dude!

he did look a bit goofy when those punches were landing, but i dont think he was rocked or stunned. But who knows

Thats what i like about Fedor, he is a true MMArtist. Can win in a number of ways.

fedor is on his way!

Fedor does not use judo, ha!

I was impressed that Coleman couldn't hold Fedor down. Even when he got very lucky to get Fedor in the corner to use the corner pad to take mount, he couldn't keep it.