How impressed were you with Fedor?

That whole fight was much like Fedor/Fujita. Fast and brutal. That guillotine looked sunk and Coleman somehow got out. Incredible armbar. Was Coleman just pissed or was his arm broke?

Fedor is one of the smartest fighters in the game. For him to give his back to Coleman so he could eventually end up in guard was a slick move. And the armbar, even slicker. That transition was perfect.

Real impressed, I still think him and Mino can go either way but his obvious sub knowledge was the problem in their first fight along with his incredible GNP. Still, Coleman impressed me too, he handled Fedor and took him down easily like he does to everyone, now if he could just crank up his sub defense a few more notches, but there was no shame in losing to that armbar, art!

The whole fight was impressive, didnt u notice how coleman had his back and he just got out like it was nothing.

Those punches did not stunned Fedor they just pissed him off more.

Fedor is the best heavyweight in MMA, no doubt about it.

so quick.. so technical... awesome

Very schocked, armbar, wow.

How impressed were you with Fedor?

If you are a bjj butt licker like Your Bitch (Your Father) you are furious and start to call Coleman clueless even though it took the best sub fighter in MMA longer to sub "clueless" Coleman and will probably start some theory that Fedor secretly trained with 'BJJ Black Belts' in an ex KGB hideout in Siberia.

The guy with the baddest GNP in the business just armbarred Mark Coleman like that.

A true MMA fan cannot be not impressed.

I could move well to if you lay your arm out like Coleman did, he was begging to be armlocked.

- classic bjj buttlicker attempt to try and discredit judo guy.

Another glass of hateraide on me, puta.

"A true MMA fan cannot be not impressed. "

I was impressed with COleman attacking his back like that... also nowadays everyone crosstrains but how many guys wins competitive fights with both KO's standing and subs? especially HWs . Fedor is the man but I think (hope) Mino can find a way to beat him.

Fedor was very impressive. I had heard that he was an impressive sub guy but I did not believe it. Last night shocked me. I knew Fedor would win but I thought it was gonna be a gnp.



Not preparing to be on your back with Coleman would be like not preparing to be kicked by Crocop or fending off subs from Mino.

Wasa B has taken down the correct only to get arm barred by it.

My exact words after the armbar were "holy shit that was fast"!

He's like Igor with subs.

The only time Fedor was slightly in trouble was when coleman had his back....otherwise Fedor looked fine for the 5 seconds he was on his back before the armbar.

When him and Mino rematch I see Mino trying to keep it on his feet seeing that he keeps training standup, but Fedor has sledge hammer fists standing as well evidenced by his short but sweet mauling of Big daddy the jobber Goodrich.