How Improve mid & high MT RH kick?


I think if any of the knowledgable folks on this forum are going to be able to help you they are going to need more info. Actually, the exercise of writing out a DETAILED description of what you are doing now (both what you think you are doing and what you are actually doing- watch yourself in a mirror) will help the "smart" folks give you some pointers, as well as really help you understand what you are doing. Obviously video would be better, and if you had a live coach that would be ideal.
One comment I would make about your original post- diffrent sounds mean different things. A loud bang on the thai pads isn't neccessarily what you want to acheive. For example, a karate style-instep kick, may make an incredibly loud crack on the thai pad, without being anything like the Thai round kick. I think that a hard thud, a "duller" sound, is more indicative of a thai kick, and what it looks to accomplish. Also, "bending" the target (thai pads or heavy bag) around your shin at impact, is another indicator of a thai kick.


yep..flexibility for sure, hehe...when u head kick, your kick should ideally be coming down to go over the guard..and do that u have to be flexible

I'm pretty good with the rear leg low level (mid thigh area) muay thai roundhouse kick, i get nice loud bangs. when i try mid level (rib area) the power is not there, i get weak thuds. Hi level is the worst, and i loose my balance. Any tips? Tell me if you need for info. Thanks.

what angle is the mid kick comming from? should it come from an upward angle or come from horizontal (try to get knee and thigh perpendicular to the floor, pivot on front leg and throw the hips)

hard to tell if you have no video footage or a qualified coach to watch you and let you know. Where do you live? I could probably hook you up with someone reputable if you let me know.


Honestly, I figure your problem is flexibiltiy. You have to be pretty flexible to do those kicks.