How is Baldurs Gate: Dark All?

Opinions, please. Thanks.

The first one?
It was really pretty and kinda fun, but I also thought it was way too short and repetitive. Overall, I was let down.

I add a lot of fun with friend with it, its a multiplayer game , dont play alone

Awesome game to play multiplayer...

part 2 was way too easy

fob_77 is correct, they are much too easy... In fact, I can't really remember a challenging part.. But it really is a blast multiplayer.

I played through the first one a couple of times. It was relatively easy and short, it took me about 11 hours to get through it, but still enjoyable while it lasted.

Great, really good multiplayer. II means two btw.

it was an abreviation of dark alliance, dude. Those are LL's not ii's. LOL