How is Couture doing with going back to LHW

I haven't heard anything about how Couture has been doing with going back down to 205. I'm guessing his walk around weight when in shape is somewhere near where he fought at HW, 220-230 and at 46 years old it's not as easy to cut the weight as when he was in his 30's at LHW. I think this could be a factor that is getting overlooked because we all know how good of shape Couture is in, I just think he might be really tired and heavy in the cage with Vera and it will hurt him a lot in the fight.

ttt, any thoughts?

This is Randy and if anyone Can cut properly even at his age it's him...

You bring up a good point though but the fact it's Randy I see no issues.

yea TTT for Randy getting a win, I don't care enough about Vera or his chances down the road to want anything other than Couture to dominate and get a win in the UFC at 46 years old!

I can't imagine what his knees and back feel like first thing in the morning. He competed at a world level in Greco and has fought MMA against the toughest fighters in the world longer than the avg UGer has been alive.

Real Name No Gimmicks -  Oh fuck, Randy Couture hasn't accomplished 1/10th of what Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle has. Kurt Angle cracks a vertebra every freaking morning he rolls out of bed, and shrugs it off and goes about his day.

Yes, over the past 13 yrs. he has been multiple WWE and TNA champion. Much more legitimate than UFC Heavyweight and Light Heavyweight titles.

 I think Randy will be fine at LHW.  He was never a big HW to begin with in the first place.