How is Diego's eye doing?

At the end of the fight you could hear him say he couldnt see out of it.

Might have been that last punch that Riggs landed. Did Diego catch a thumb or something?


It did look like Big John got Diego.

Big John poked Diego's brown eye?/ WTF??/ Did this happen in the cage or at the after party?? ;-)


LOL Big John has taken out more guys in the cage than many fighters.

As big john tackled him to stop the fight his forarm went into Diegos eye. You can see him clutch his eye imediately.

In the exchange where Diego drpped Riggs, riggs also landed a punch that caught him in the eye. Check out the replay.

It was bit Big John, it was the final exchange. That exchange knock Riggs down. Clear as day on the replay.

Yup, that thumb in the eye can hurt.

Rugby players are tough

WOW that rugby guy eye poke is insane. Looks like he's trying to tickle the other guy's brain.

diago was rocked by the last exchange. I don't think it was an eye poke but rather tunnel vision from getting caught.

Riggs' puch did that. BJM's forearm will not fit into a person's eye, nor was it hard enough to do any damage. Thank you.

Wait...maybe it was hair grease dripping in his eye?

Riggs went down of the first punch but he nailed Diego with the same punch, would not be suprised to here Diego had a fractured orbit from the way he was grabbing at it...props to Diego for the win, Riggs should have kept a knee down, got up to quick and ducked right into that knee, would really have love to see that one go longer.


What were you guys watching? Diego was rubbing his eye straight after the fight but was fine in the post match interview. John's forearm clearly catches him in the eye as he tackles him.

SlyGuy^^^^^^^is exactly right. Diego brought his left hand to his eye immediately after they exchanged right hands.

Whether Big John hit his eye also or not is irrelevant. Diego clearly demonstrated non-verbal, unintentional, subconscious posturing signals which indicated a possible Riggs imposed eye malfunction. Pay attention next time.



Diego was definitely hurt more in the exchange, but Riggs is the one who got knocked down which was ultimately his undoing. What some people need to think about is that the fighters wear 4-ounce gloves and you can get hit in the eye with a knuckle. Everyone always thinks it's an eye poke, but these fighters aren't wearing boxing gloves folks. Bottom line is Riggs hurt Diego, but the Nightmare kept his composure and finished the fight before he let his injury bother him.

props to diego for having the composure to see the oportunity and the instinct to act on it.

"If had happened the other way around, diego would have lost, 1" made the difference."

actually, riggs popped right up from the punch it was the knee that did him in.

It was a knuckle in the eye, not a thumb.

Watch the replay. Riggs knuckle lands right in Diego's eye right before he was hit with that right hook.