How is M. Tripp doing?

Any news from him? How is he doing?

He's doing well. Thanks for asking.

Good to hear.

I am alive and well.

The battle rages on... far it is a draw.

I am doing my best.

Judo camp this year will most likely be my last one....

....just too tired.

still keeping clipboards in his gi?


Good Luck Mark. I wish you the best with all that's going on.

RE; the clipboard comment - for some reason people are confused about a story you told. you were in someone's guard and, as a teaching exercise pulled out a big folding knife. The obvious implication being that the guard was not a good position with an armed opponent. When you related the story, you called it a big "folder", and that has some perplexed to this day.

Well, a "clipit" would be a folder, not a clipboard.

At one of the Shingitai events I taped a Cold Steel Vaquero Grande
under my gi. I then invited someone to put me in the guard. When
they did, I took it out, snaped it open with one hand and said "Now, do
we change your religion first or go for the retcal exam?"

My subject that day was real world combatives and the point needed to
be made that the real world, and so called "real fights", have situations
that the sport fighter needs to be aware of.

The knife can be found at:

click on their folding knives.

Don't know why this story would cause a stir though.....

LOL I remember the "big folder" comments from some time ago, Mark.

Ben R.

Well, the actual point for this folder is that the Japanese Police
Department made MAJOR training changes in the 1970's because of
the push of "sporting judo". Japan is a knife culture and the police
were making the error under stress of grabbing an opponent like a
judo match to throw and restrain them. Many officers were stabed due
to this.

I was there for some of the change over and brought the "hidden knife"
suprize back with me.

Really should have seen the looks on EVERYONES face at that. John still
laughs when he tells the tale.

"Don't know why this story would cause a stir though..... "

because some people thought you were pulling a clipboard out of your gi and threatening people with it. something was lost in the translation.

More likely it was changed in the re-telling by those who took pleasure
in making me look foolish. Such as posting pics and comments of my
weight gain while I was on the steroids to deal with the cancer

I never used the word clip board or even clippit; folder was the orginal
word I used.

Glad to clear it up.

I've heard about judo-trained police getting stabbed before due to gripping up like in judo. Think it was in UK, also a knife culture.

"...pulling a clipboard out of your gi and threatening people with it."

What a visual... LOL!

Good to hear your health is better..and quit stabbing guard players!.

"Better" is a relitive term.

I tried to teach a few classes this week and it is not as it once was...


I happened to stumble upon this thread and was disturbed by the word cancer associated with you. This is not a combination I like to see. I did not read what type of cancer it is, nor did I know about it. I apologize if this is old news as I have been "out of the loop" persay. At any rate, I know your are much too stubborn to let this get the best of you :). Best wishes and many prayers for you on a speedy recovery and a quick return to good health.



Well... here is the update

  1. The good news is, as of this morning, offically I am clean. Some test
    they want you to be under 4 on, I am a .5. Had that love session from
    deliverence yesterday, and I am good to go. They had to take a large
    part of me out a few months back, but it seems to have got it all.

  2. The bad news, now I can deal with all the junk they put in my body
    for the last few years to kill the cancer.

  3. So, on all new meds for blood pressure (I guess it messed up my left
    eye), colesterol (screw it I can't spell), and all that jazz.

  4. BP is why I fell at camp, that was a new one.

So, for the next year going to be on a hard core diet and exercise
program (Eat to Win and Combat Conditioning)

I'll let you know how it goes