How is NYC right now compared to the 70s

Worse than in Taxi Driver??? Yay or nay

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Late 80s and early 90s were actually the worst in terms of criminality.

70s NYC was a dump, but exciting, rugged, sharp.

Today NYC is more alike Disneyland, but homelessness is becoming a major annoyance.

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NYC according to mataleo1



This is actually accurate!


Worse today because the cops still rules the streets in the 70’s they were just undermanned. Today cops are handcuffed to do anything and criminals are released as soon as they are processed.

It has to suck to be a cop today, you put your life at risk to arrest some thug and you see the guy the next day laughing at you.


Agree 100%

Early 90s were the worst, especially for Hell’s Kitchen where my family is from, and most still are. The amount of people murdered, OD’d, or in prison is ridiculous. When I was a kid I just thought it was normal.

I’ll be up all next week fighting the good fight!

Where was this in the early 2000s?