How is Stun Gun ranked below Matt Brown?

Sam9104 - dude, they fought 5 years ago in a stupid close fight that I thought Brown really won. Since then Brown been on a tear, finishing 6 opponents even though being the underdog in, I think all the fights. Thompson, Ramos, Swick, Mein, Pyle.

He is a perfect example of a gatekeeper breaking into title contention.

It was a very close fight, but Kim edged it out in the 3rd round with his GNP elbows that cut matt brown.  He was bleeding pretty bad. 

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Wazza J - 6-0 vs 4-2 in their last 6 Phone Post 3.0
But Kim did lose to Condit and his lose to Maia was an injury. Matt Brown is
Fighting his first top 10 opponent

Cindy Phone Post 3.0
A loss is a loss Phone Post 3.0
Umm no, unless you're a complete idiot when you put together rankings you need to consider things like shitty decisions, close fights, freak injuries,... Phone Post 3.0

GayGuardMooseSaucy - LOL @ Diaz not only staying ranked but going up a spot. Who are the geniuses voting in a guy who quit mma? Phone Post 3.0
I was just going to say that... I think he should be off the top 10. When Diaz decided to come back I'm sure he can work his way back to the top 10 in no time. But if he's "retired" he should be off the list and put active fighters in the top 10. Phone Post 3.0

Allen Hood - A fluke right hand does nothing Phone Post 3.0

Just ask mike russow Phone Post

Allen Hood - A fluke right hand does nothing Phone Post 3.0
You think his nickname is stun gun for nothing ? Phone Post 3.0

He lost to karo Phone Post