How is your grocery store doing?

I am in So Cal. Over the last few weeks it has become very noticeable that our grocery store shelves are getting lean. Many times those shelves are full of a single product where it would be multiple products previously. An example is paper towels. All of the towels are now the store brand. There aren’t other brands and in parts of the store there are noticeable gaps where the shelves are bare. I didn’t notice this until the last few weeks. How are the shelves where you shop?

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Im in southern ontario. Store are decently stocked but there are holes in the shelves. Whenever my son sees one he says “dad the supply chain!”


You can only get giant multipacks of toilet paper here now. 12 pack is the smallest of any brand name unless you want the no brand singles that are like wiping your ass with sandpaper that breaks apart mid wipe.

Random food is out of stock for weeks. For a while we had no Brunswick stew at any store in town. For about 2 weeks the soup section was half empty.

Last week there was no Natural Ice at 3 diff stores. This week is back to normal.

Just random shit will be out of stock that never used to be.

I dont know if it is more common or I just notice it more, tho.

For sure the entire toilet paper and paper towel section is rarely more than half stocked tho.

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I don’t know, I’m unvaccinated…

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A lot of products have stopped showing up. Customers blame the store instead of the faggot and chief.

Ralphs is still fully stocked with everything where I am

Fully stocked so far but the prices are rising fast.

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I’m not everywhere, but I do work in a convenience store, and the list of products that are no longer available is growing every week.


In the Midwest here. Shelves are much leaner and prices are much higher. Just went through Target. Very noticable.

Definitely some holes on the shelves but I’m extremely basic and easy to please so I don’t really notice…I just buy something else.