How long after a pet passes to get a new one?

We had two dogs, one died, wound up with another one about 6 months later.

My parents dog died last week and they’re getting a puppy this weekend.

Is there a right number? Just go by what feels right?

No right number. Everyone will be different


To each their own, but I think it’s disrespectful to your deceased pet if you don’t allow yourself to really feel the grief and loss for a while.

I think it’s a sign of personal weakness if you get a new pet right away so you don’t have to feel the loss and sadness.

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We lost our first dog, a Westie I named Jack Daniel, about 3 years ago… We’re only now lining up to get another.

We waited 16 months after my last dog died to get a puppy. Had other shit going on. I fought it. I love dogs bit really don’t want to own one. They’re a giant pain in the ass.

When the yard dog at the farm would get hit by a truck or hurt by something seriously my grandpa would shoot it and have a new dog by the end of the day.

One time I had to carry one to the incinerator that I played with all the time when I’d go out to visit my grandparents. He’s usually toss them in the loader and drive them but this one drug it’s butt back to the yard so he blasted it and made me dispose of it while he put his rifle away.

We have four dogs, each one has their own responsibility. Number one is a protector of the household. A couple years before my rottie/gsd mix passed, I bought a full female GSD. She has been the protector for the last couple years. She is turning 11 so I know we won’t have much more time with her, looking for a new pup now. It helps, but doesn’t replace.

Well…that’s awful, lol. But somewhat understandable for farm folk that really only have animals around for their utility. I know a few people like that.

yep, no right number…just go by feels.

Sorry about you and your folks doggo losses

About tree fiddy

Not getting any more

Ready to live the pet free life for awhile

I feel like you’ve mentioned this before.

My Vizsla is getting old, he is nearly 12 now. Already bought a new Vizsla pup, he is nearly a year old now.

Will miss my old dog when he is gone, he has been an awesome bird dog as well as a fantastic family pet, but he is doing a superb job of helping me train the new pup to take over for him when he is gone. New dog is a fucking beast in the fields.

So preemptively is my answer.

My dog died about 2 months ago. I’ve grown up with dogs my whole life but I don’t think I will ever get another dog. I just don’t think I can go through it all ever again. My last dog was such a great dog! I don’t have kids and I know it’s cliche, but he felt like my child. Watching him suddenly get an autoimmune disease attack and have an absolute miserable last two weeks before he died at least 6 years too early was so heartbreaking to watch my little Buddy suffer.

I find it funny however people that are religious and say things like “oh he is waiting for you in heaven” you will see him again one day” etc etc.” then they go and replace their dog after a few months…

When they die they’re gonna have an awkward moment when 20 dogs have been patiently waiting for them. One of them was your favorite and you know it.

My 22 year old chihuahua died a few months back, and we got 2 kittens maybe 2 months later. Its fun and gives people a sense of optimism. People like to pretend that pet grief is somehow similar to human grief, like there is some sort of process required, but its not the same at all. You miss them when they die, you move on when you feel like it.

Are Vizsla’s as awesome as everyone says they are? Even though they dont have a rep as a watchdog, are they completely useless in that capacity?

That or the sack of barn kittens in the dugout. I used to have to catch them, put them in a sack and my grandpa would put a rock in a sacking tie a rope to it and throw it in the dugout. Then a couple or few hours later I’d go pull the sack out and throw it in the dumpster.

I hated that job.

Are you going to keep looking for him after the one arrives?

That’s haunting to hear. Probably could have been handled with more decency.

Super awesome dogs, very intelligent and loyal. But other than as an early warning system, because they will bark if someone is creeping around, they are kinda useless as a guard dog. Don’t see any situation where they would physically attack someone.

They are more likely to jump on someone and lick them, than to bite them. They have no human aggression. Although a possible intruder wouldn’t know that, and would likely scram when they heard the barking.

I think enough of them to have paid $6500 for my new dog, but no they’re not much of a guard dog. Bird dogs through and through, very excellent ones at that.