How long after a pet passes to get a new one?

How about the next day?

And the cat you take in as your new pet killed your previous cat.

Yeah. I did that.

Don’t ask me why. I honestly have no answer

Found out my dog had a few months to live. I began looking at shelters right away. One day it was finally time to put my dog down and that same week I went down to the shelter to get my new one. House feels too empty w/o a dog running around.

We’ve usually been pretty quick to get another one after one passes, a month or two afterward. We are a dog family, and will always have a dog or two around.

If you have young kids, you should give them a few days to grieve & have a replacement by the end of the week.

If it’s part of your business (farm, junkyard, etc.), end of the business day.

If you are a chick, you wouldn’t have posted this thread, as you would instinctively buy something new on the way to the vet.

Anything else, enjoy a few months of not cleaning up first.

Jesus fuck…your grandfather was passive jay

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Good idea ,that’s like the company that makes you train your replacement before they shitcan your ass ,doing God’s work

Bro your chick already has 5 black dogs on speed dial

Country people usually have a more rational handle on the idea that pets are still just animals. I dont mind growing attached to and loving them, but when they’re dead, they’re dead. I had some genuine blues for a week or so after my chihuahua died, but its still just a dog. I like my cats to be indoor/outdoor, and thats a naturally higher risk life where they might die, and you have to be kind of ok with it. I have a 17 year old cat who is a total survivor though. One of the reasons we got kittens after my dog died is so that cat can help train them to go outside.

Right after you throw it in the trash!

-Passive Jay

Fuck off…not similar in the least bit. I treat my dogs a hell of a lot better than I would treat you.

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Dryfly is right. It’s not similar at all. I grew up around bird dogs.

The oldies love when you get a pup. It’s instinct that they start to pass on their craft. It’s really neat to watch. The older dogs teach the younger dogs things humans couldn’t.

I remember when we had one old dog go out into a slough after a honker and swim around it in circles barking until it’s pup buddy swam out and retrieved the bird. It was cool to watch it basically give the pup instructions the whole way out and back in.

Nah. Just an old Ukrainian farmer who never threw away a cord in his life. Seriously. When he died and we cleaned out the shop he had boxes and boxes of old cords cut off from everything from lamps and toasters to welders and compressors. It was kind of weird.

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Had a goldfish die about six years ago. Went to the pet store last weekend to get another and broke down crying in the aquarium gravel section and had to leave. It’s different for everyone, but now is just not my time…

Fuck, you guys treating pets like they are an ex gf/wife with the waiting 6 month bullshit

Lol I wasn’t serious. I’m sure your grandfather worked harder in 1 minute than PJ has in his entire life