how long b4 Cauliflowrear develops

Sorry if this has been asked before i couldnt find anything been grappling for many years but never got any signs of cauliflower ear so i thought i was one of the lucky ones.

Last night we had a pretty rough vale tudo session and first i had to escape a very tight triangle and also got kneed on my ear really hard, this was not the first time usually it just hurts for a couple of hours and thats it but this time its really red and feels warm and i cant even get close to my ear ,it hurts like hell but still lokks normal i think.

My question is if it would get reformed would it have happened already or does it take a couple of days?

And is it something i can do to hinder it since its the first time ?

Sorry for my english and thanks for any response.


mine happened as soon as my ear was hit before i was done that fight it was blown out

OK maybe there is still hope then

I guess the ear thing is very individual

Thanks for your reply

TTT for some more input


Usually your ear will be filled with fluid, if you dont get the fluid drained, it will harden and become cartilage. That cartilage is cauliflower ear.

yes i know but after the hit or whatever how long does it take till you can see change???

It will be almost instant.

Most of the time, you can tell if you're ear is going to cauliflower if it fills with fluid and is tender to the touch.

If your ear hasn't filled with fluid, but it's still tender to the touch, then you're probably only another shot to the ear away from filling up with fluid.

If your ear has filled up with fluid, you can get it drained. While you can drain your ear at home using a syringe, I advise going to the doctor. I drained my own ear and it only got worse, mostly b/c I didn't stop training. If you go to the doctor, he will drain the fluid and pack your ear so that the swelling and fluid doesn't return. You'll have to stay off the mat for 2 weeks or so.

Even after your ear hardens, a doctor can fix it by creating an incision in your ear and scraping out the calcium deposits. However, Im not sure how bad your ear can get before its hopeless. Im sure there's a point of no return where your ear is so screwed up that a doctor can't fix it. Then you might need an ear transplant.

I have been grappling forever and have good looking ears.

I do have cauli behind my left ear, but I drained in regularly with a seam ripper and eventually it stopped filling with fluid and hardened.  Now, I am pretty bumpy in those areas, but no pain or anything.

ok now i feel more informed

thx alot to everyone


First of all, realize that cauliflower ear is a privilidge and NOT a deformity.

You'll know if you have because it swells instantly. The first time I had it, I had it drained by a doctor and stayed off the mat for 3 weeks. That ear looks fine. My right ear is a mess because I didn't stop training and it is especially vulnerable. The slightest shot or pressure to the ear would cause it to swell again. Eventually it hardens. I'm too old and not attractive anyway, so I stopped draining it and let it get ugly. The only people who notice it are fighters and doctors and they think it's cool.

Famine's post was correct, except for the ear transplant of course.

do a Google search for cauliflower ear and you'll get a ton of medical sights that will give great detail on the subject.


No offense, but you sound just like my wife. She has said that over and over. And you absolutely correct. Headgear does prevent it. However, I haven't found one that doesn't greatly assist my opponent's choking technique. I just can't breathe well with headgear. I know people who swear by headgear and they have really pretty ears.

I like my cauliflower ear. It makes you look tough.

Just let them go hard and you will have permanent head gear and your ears won't hurt again.


Chicks dig'em!!

Once you got em they dont hurt anymore. I can squeaze mine hard and theres no pain theyre like rubber.

Mag, you have no idea.

My ears are hard and thick like leather, but not terribly deformed. I have been dabbling in grappling/wrestling for almost ten years. I don't have pain anymore in them either, well not very often anyway.