How long can you go without sleep?

I regularly go 48hrs w/o sleep at least a couple times a week.

I'vealso done 36 w/o.

I've worked the Scrap Yard Kiosk from 9am -9pm then gone to my Sheriff job @ the airport 930pm -530am,

slept 2 hrs , then watched my 2 sons until 5pm, then go work either Kiosk or Sheriffs again.

in between those hours I've also worked special duty directing traffic or whatever.

Tell me some similar stories brothers so I know I'm not alone.

work all those hours and I still owe on BOTH State & Fed. tax.

How can?

R.I.P JimmyNaks


When I was in college I worked at a restaurant from 8am- 2pm on MWF and had school T/TH the same time. After that I went to my theatre production job from 7pm- 5a every night. The time off all I did was study. That sched. sucked ass.

Lack of R.E.M. sleep causes psychosis....

I no boolsheet fren

yes...this does explain alot.


 Jimmy -

Your situation of owing taxes is not uncommon for people having more than one job.  Each job withholds taxes based on the assumption that your income is only from one source rather than the combined income of all of your jobs.

When you combine all of your income to pay your taxes at the end of the year, you end up being subjected to a higher tax rate than your individual jobs withhold for you.

Also - Child Support is a non-deductible expense.

Solutions: Change your withholdings.  Pay alimony instead of child support, at least its deductible.





 I am a total wus when it comes to sleep,  I need sleep or I can't function.

Last year I had a huge test, so I read and memorized an entire textbook in 48 hours, took the 3-hour test, and couldn't sleep for another 12 hours after that because I was soooo wired on triple-shot mochas.  3-days with no sleep + caff overload + huuuuge test stress = panic attack.

I give you MAJOR props for being able to pull off 48 hours a couple times a week.  Ho Lee Crap.  When do you find time to visit the Tapout forum!?!?!?!

Wow Greg, thanks!
I <3 Honda in the most Hetro way!

I go to Tapout forum
while driving between jobs. those traffic cams are gonna get me in trouble some day.

I agree with you, das why I always (if possible) ride with a partner and make them drive.

preferably a guy without Kids or a 2nd job.

I'll always have time for the HG though. :-)

I was watching Deadliest Catch and am always amazed at how long and hard those guys work especially in the freezing cold and water splashing.
I hope you at least get to enjoy the fruits or all your hard work.

i just went without sleep for a few hours. tap that arse out

You sir are insane!

When I was younger....

I've worked comm several times for 30-40+ hours in a tent and then stretched out on a footlocker or on the ground while directing actions of junior enlisteds for several more....snoring one second and swearing over a radio link the next.

Several times was OPFOR (enemy) and spent a few days sneaking around and being a general PIA, sleeping for an hour or two here and there and running, crawling, driving, etc. Back then we had those tiny ephedrine tabs that you could get in bodybuilding store/mags....fuck me! Nap for an hour pop a pill, runn around pop another to keep going repeat....:( Talk about bad fukin crash and COD help you if you didn't stay hydrated.

Couple times, 30+ hrs up with 16 hours @ 10,000 ft spending hours at a time in coldgear with windchill down into the -F.

When I was tired I could sleep next to a firing M60 with earplugs...or with a headset on listening to HF radio noise as a freq turned to shit...or up against the side of a boiler (for turbine generator) in a respirator, earplugs and welding jacket @ 120F, but most spectacularly.......on a motorcycle at about 60 MPH. Once even fell asleep while fucking.

If I don't get at least 6 hours nowadays I'm shit. before last fall I slept with apnea for several years so I used to feel like shit even if I had 12 hrs wonder I'm fuked now.

WTF happned to my paragraphs???

Fukin new forum is flaky!

it hates paragraphs. wtf. :(

from what ive heard, you can have brain tumor or some type of cancer when you don't have enough sleep for too long..

RIP me :(

I have no natural sleep cycle whatsoever. I like the cool stillness, quiet, peacefulness, and even spirituality of the night (between 12-6am). You can almost feel the earth breathing.

However I also like the morning and sunrise. So once I've stayed up and see the sunrise, I have no inclination to sleep. The only reason I concern myself with sleep at all and force myself to do it is for physical recovery for training. Mentally I can completely recharge with a 40 minute nap. I would never need to sleep otherwise.

But your body does all these good things for you physically while you get a full night's sleep...Seems like a tragic waste of 8 hours though...too bad they haven't invented a pill to replace that.

double post...this sight is pissing me off.

"(if it does let me know - I do want to know) - but my internal temperature malfunctions. I start feeling hot throughout the day and can't handle aircon b/c it's too cold."

Totally. When I'm running on only a few hours or chronically short on sleep over the course of a few days, my body runs hot as fuck and I can't cool off.



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I think majority of the working class people in Hawaii suffer from lack of sleep. Between two jobs, watching my 2 kids, and trading futures during market open at 3:30 am cuz of friggin' daylight savings...there's many times I go on 1-3 hours of sleep every couple of days. I always look forward to Friday nights where I might get in a nice 6-7 steady hours of sleep.