How long can you go without sleep?

armlok its quantifiably impossible to score less than me. fact

daytrader what kind of funds or you into?

For stocks I usually trade pennies but will ocasionally do small caps. China stocks are pretty hot right now and I think that Taiwan stocks will be even hotter. I swing trade these and will hold anywhere from a few days to a few months.
My passion of course is DAYTRADING. I trade the S&P 500 eminis.

do you go to stockwire or ihub?

Never checked out stockwire or ihub but I'll be sure to do so. Usually try to research my own stuff with Yahoo Finance and Msn Money. Every so often, I'll get tips from Weiss or Motley Fool. A lot of talking with guys at work.

For futures, it's all about the charts. Ever daytraded the eminis before?

eminis? i dabble in some pennies, and some canadian oil (speculative) BQI i have a friend from canada who is an investor by profession. suncor. SU
what r some of the pennies you r looking at right now

Made a killing late last year and early this year selling short the big finance companies. I got Hoku just for fun but haven't really been touching stocks for about a month and a half now.
E-mini contracts are basically mini electronic contracts of the S&P 500. The daytrading margin is low (for my broker it's $500 per contract). Basically the smallest movement in price is a tick, which is worth $12.50 per contract. There are 4 ticks in a point. Imagine buying 5 contracts and selling when the price goes up 2 points. That's $500. Or short selling 5 contracts and the price drops 2 points. That's $500. Imagine that the price can move several points in a few minutes. I usually shoot for $500-1000 day...don't want to be greedy.

I try not to stay up late, when I don't need to. Yeah get a good laugh, those who know me. I try to go sleep. 1-2hr daily sleep time is a thing of the past...

My college career consisted of about 6 years of 2-4 hours of sleep and I would try to catch up on the weekends.  It was tough gig.  Now I usually get 4 to 5 hours.

Shotgun post:


*Jimmy - "eh mon, how meny joob you got mon?" ode to In Living Color


*Nanny nanny boobie, i can stay up longer than ALL you guys! j/k


*Nanny nanny boobie, i don't have to stay up as long as you guys! n/k


*Moke - "I have no natural sleep cycle whatsoever. I like the cool stillness, quiet, peacefulness, and even spirituality of the night (between 12-6am). You can almost feel the earth breathing."

Das sweet poetry brutha *sheds tear*


*daytrader - i'll be sending you the $10 dollars i have in savings, and am expecting you to turn it into 10k for me by X-mas. Thanks

*Fact: Lack of sleep causes male pattern baldness. bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha


you people are insane, its ok to get off the HG and take a nap every once an a while

did 57 hours in Vegas.

You mean my tax dollars is going toward a sleep deprived, gun touting, moonlighting, Cop wanna be, Deputy Sheriff. Must be a State worker, LOL.

I resent that K2000!

I dont tote my gun around. Its rusted stuck in my holster.


my record is 4 1/2 days. I was halucinatining after the 3rd day and when I tried to finally go to sleep it took me about 2 hours to fall asleep.

 lol. i hallucinate even after a full night's rest. :(

Mike Onzuka - My college career consisted of about 6 years of 2-4 hours of sleep and I would try to catch up on the weekends. It was tough gig. Now I usually get 4 to 5 hours.

Same here, during college I would get about 4 hours of sleep during the week and play catch up during the weekends. If I were to do that now I think I'd die. Nowadays I'm out before the weather on the 10 o'clock news.

4 to 6 hrs weekdays and about 7 to 8 weekends is what i get. in college it was less and rellied on nyquill alot and realized i was dependent so i had to cut that shit out. its funny that i drink even more beer now.