How long do tattoos last?

How long do tattoos last before they get blurry? Do tattoos done nowadays last better than the old sailor's tattoos. Seems whenever I see some old military guy with a tattoo done when they were young, the tattoo is horribly blurry.

So is the typical lifespan of a tattoo like 40 years? Does the colour of the tattoo have an effect on how long it will last?

yes, as well as how much it is in the sun. Every time you get a sun burn on your tat, it fades more and more

The technology with needles and inks have come along way even in the last 10 years..but really it's how well you take care of them afterwards.

A really good sunblock and actally using it EVERYTIME the piece is exposed to uv rays is essential. I have a pretty elaborat piece on my back that is now going on 14 years and it's still as bright as the day I got it.

I like using the 50 SPF kids stuff on my tats

i use lubriderm spf 15 or some other fancy shit my girl has

the only tats I have that faded were the ones T I M did last march.

My old ones look just fine. ;-)