How long do you go before replacing your laptop?

How often do you buy a new laptop? Phone Post 3.0

Every 3 years.

They aren't built for longevity.

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Every 3 years.

They aren't built for longevity.

That is what I've always done.. Now I use it much more and might need to do it every two years? Phone Post 3.0

I've got a Toshiba Satellite that I've had for 5 years. It's still going strong but is crumbling by the day. Prob pick up a newer laptop at a pawn shop or something Phone Post 3.0

i usually go around 5. end up getting a new one when I drop it too many times and bust it to pieces. I am getting less clumsy, so I might ride this one out for 7

I've had my Dell for almost three years and it's fucked...

I just got my tower computer upgraded and it was 4 years old.

I've had the same laptop for 5 years and haven't had a problem with it. All I use it for anymore is writing reports though I use my Note 3 or my tablet for everything else. Phone Post 3.0

I'm not a computer guy. And having to have a reliable laptop for school, I just dropped the money for a macbook. Phone Post 3.0

6.5 years and its falling apart thinking of getting a tablet instead of a new laptop.

3 to 5 years

Asus and Lenovo are really reliable.

I'm I my second MacBook Pro. First one lasted me 5 years. I am on year 4 with current laptop and it is showing no signs of wear. I have reaced the RAM andI not tun16 gb. Also replaced the HD with a SSD 500 gb. It is awesome. Phone Post 3.0

Mine last 2 yrs before they die they cruise around with me in my work bag and get used for jumping on the net, torrents and watching movies at work. Normally I spend around 500 and get the ram doubled. Phone Post 3.0

I have been thinking about getting one to replace my ailing desktop, but i usually get 7 years out of a computer. 2-3 years would be abysmal. Also trying to avoid windows 8 like the plague.

Mine is like 10 yrs old but I never use it Phone Post 3.0