How long for hamstring injury

How long does a hamstring injury take.I poped my hamstring about a week ago it is getting better and I want to start strengthing it but I don't want to regress my time to get on the mat can someone give me some info on this please.

Recovery time will depend on how bad you damaged the hamstring. I threw a kick several years back, and felt a snap in the back of the leg. I was trying to stand up, and it was like the leg was numb......what a feeling. The next day, the back of the knee and around that general area was all black and blue.After about a month, I started some light stretching, and working up to exercises with justbody weight, then some isolation exercises. Just listen to the will tell you if you are doing too much, or too soon.
Good Luck!!

Thanks for the info it is still bothering me alittle I started doing yoga. I still don't know whenI can get on the mat again I want to go back but I don't want to push it.

Try lying face down the floor, and lift the legs up,
( keeping the legs relatively straight ) so that the thighs are up off the floor a bit. Cycle the legs up and down as if you were swimming. If the hamstring is still tender, im sure you will feel it. If you can do this with no real discomfort ( other than after a hundred or so repititions ), then you are coming along pretty good.