How long have you fasted?

What was the longest you have fasted? I couldn’t fast longer than 9 hours before giving out.

I just had 3 eggs 2 sausage patties on a spinach tortilla with mayo and sharp cheddar cheese.
Added some white tortilla chips, crunchy raisin bran cereal, milk and a banana.

I’m about 6 minutes into my fast, going great so far

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Minutes, maybe hours.

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Lol I was a college wrestler. I have fasted with out food for 5 days routinely and with out water for 3 on the regular. I am sure I have gone more than 6 with out food. I just never thought it was important to keep track. I just needed to make weight. In college at one point I lost 50 in a month to make weight l. 208 to 158 in 31 days.

Well then. That doesn’t sound healthy.

I’ve done about 90 hours or so.The first day is the hardest day but a little water helps with the hunger pangs.

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I’m still standing!

The most has been 80 hours earlier this year. No coffee, no bullshit broth. Water only.

But at what cost?

7 days of only water.

Sounds brutal

First day sucks the most, next 2 days suck less, after day 3 it’s easy…just start to physically get tired after day 5.

118 hours. Seems to be my limit…

14 days. Water and vitamins.

That was 20 some odd years ago.

These days, I can manage 24hrs max.


I once did three weeks fasting 6 days per week. I just ate a little bit on Sundays. I drank a ton of water. Granted I was 18. I couldn’t do that now if I had to.

As to why, I went a little nuts with a religious ideology. Turns out I had the completely wrong idea of fasting. Even for religious purposes.

For what reason?

14 days on fresh vegetable juice, just leafy greens, ginger, and lemon. practically no calories though.
7 on just water.

A huge cost. I was all wrong in how to get there at that age. I taught my metabolism that this asshole will not feed you again. I lost matches I shouldn’t have because I was spent. I was fat as fuck after college. That was because of the cutting. It took years to get that under control. I hated being disciplined for years because of those years. There was a cost to me more than I can describe. I would never coach kids the way I was coached.

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I was a disgusting fatbody.

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24 hours. Then had taquitos from Whataburger and diarrhea soon followed.

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