How long have you traned before mma...

Question to any amateur mma or pro. How long did you train before you started fighting? Feel free to include wrestling etc. I was just wondering...

 I trained twice a week for one year before I even thought about giving it a go. 

Some of the other fighters in the gym were training for fights and I didn't do half bad helping them get ready so I figured, let's take on to see where I'm at.

 About 6 months of sprawl training and you can pretty much take on anyone.

I had about 6 years of BJJ (a lot of which was the old Carlson Gracie vale tudo stuff) and was a new purple belt before I took my first MMA fight...prior to starting BJJ I had a black belt in kenpo I was prepared for all variations of wrist grabs and haymakers...won the fight by Kimura in the 1st :) Phone Post

with the right 'GEAR' u can be ready in a few months

bhealthy - with the right 'GEAR' u can be ready in a few months

Not against any fighter I train.

 I think about a year

WestsideStrangler -  I think about a year

Well shit. What have I been doing since 2000. :)