How long till restrengthening?

I tore (pretty sure It's torn) the inside of my right
ankle. Rolled it inward.

I was wondering how long this generally takes to heal
but more importantly can I start rehabilitating it a
few days after the injury occured or should I wait
longer. The injury occured on Sunday the 3rd and
today is the 5th. Can I use bands to help stretch and
strengthen it?

Thanks for any help.

A little description. Rolled it inward. Inside of
ankle is swollen and black and blue.

A little moreinfo. I believe it is a second degree
sprain. I have mobility. Walkingis hard. I have to

I have a friend who just did the same. It's going to take over a month to heal.

Keep the swelling down first with ice and elevating. But moving it around it's range of motion is supposed to help the healing process. You can just use your hand to stretch it.

Deltoid ligament is pretty tough to tear. I'd be careful on that. Make sure you don't have a fracture equivalent.


Thats cool. Thanks guys.
Do you guys think that those muay thai ankle sleeve
things would be good to wear in the future?
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