How long to Judo Blackbelt?

I was wondering how long it would roughly take to reach judo blackbelt for someone who is a high level jiu-jitsu and wrestler and if they went 3 times a week at the bare minimum and were very dedicated. I know the most important thing is the journey and not the destination, but I'm just curious.

I'd have to see you train to make a accurate judgement. Typically, 4-5 years is normal for blackbelt in Judo starting from scratch for a competition oriented person. You know that a shodan (1st black in Judo) is a LOT different than a black belt in BJJ, right?

Ben R.

Completely depends on you, your instructor and how he promotes..Some have very strict standardized tests, some just know your level and promote you that way, some will promote you by batsugan (sp?) from tournament wins, some will promote you for dedication to judo (i.e. reffing, service to dojo, etc)...

Of all the ways to get promoted, none really have a timeline..

MM wrote:"Of all the ways to get promoted, none really have a timeline.."

Not really accurate, Q. There are pretty strict timeslines for shodan for all three national organizations in the USA.

That doesn't mean eveybody follows them, though.

Ben R.

That's weird (considering they dont know how often you are training or what you are contributing)..Got any more info on the timelines Ben? I never knew that..(never promoted anyone:) Just speaking from what I've seen.

At the same time, I realize the shodan is what it is, a first step..

It would seem both fair and unfair to have timelines.

On one hand, it would stop people from intentionally holding you back (is this why it was started?)..On the other, it would allow those who have not put forth the effort to advance rank merely by affiliation...or wouldnt it? I dont know, anywayz any more info appreciated:)

Ben: Do you mean technqiue wise (when you say a 1st Degree blackbelt in Judo is a LOT different than a blackbelt in brazilian jiu-jitsu)? If thats what you mean, oh yes, I realize they are 2 completely different arts and that I would be starting from scratch as a white belt. I honestly would just like to begin by getting a real good understanding of the basics and get good at a few throws, eventually learning that fundamental set of throws.

Another question - how come I hear on other forums talk about it possible to get a blackbelt in 2 years, etc? Is this just plain wrong or are there differences in academies? Is it also true that a blackbelt in BJJ is more of a "master" rank while a blackbelt in judo just represents an advanced rank and fundamental knowledge of all the essential basics? (kind of like maybe a purple belt in bjj?)

i have seen people with wrestling or jiujitsu backgrounds walk into a judo club and get a blue or brown belt on their first day... and this is at 2 or 3 different clubs ... so i thought it was standard practice..... i mean i thought if you could take on brown belts in na-waza and tachi-waza you won't be kept at the white belt level long

Damn, I don't want to be promoted though based on how I compete with the judoka above me but how much judo I actually know. I know a lot a wrestlers that can give some jiu-jitsu guys hard time but this doesn't mean they should be promoted in jiujitsu. Do I make sense?

Yes Buddha, you make perfect sense and I find that our paths also cross the same once again! Since I just moved to MALIBU from Atlanta, I am just starting my search for a real good Judo School/Club here in LA.
I did Judo for years in NJ and now want to acheive my black belt in it.
Getting back to you make sense just because you are tough doesn't mean you can represnt the art entirely in it's purest form. Anyone can be tough, bar room brawlers are tuff but lets see them do some BJJ... :-)

Keep on rolling and I hope you get your PURPLE before you move to LA!!!!!

Fatbuddha, what Ben meant (I believe anyhow) is that the rank of (or goal of rank) bb in judo and bjj are different. BB in judo means you know the fundamentals, now from shodan up you REALLY start learning what judo is (both the standup and the ground).

As for timeperiods and such, it really depends on the instructor. I'm a green belt now and will prob have brown sometime next year, but I've done MA for six years so I pick up the techs quicker. Some guys who pick them up slower will have a longer road ahead of them, but then again the same thing happens in all martial arts.

In regards of accelerated rank, you COULD potentially be given a higher belt based on how you go against more advanced players (typically known as Battlefield rank) but its doubtful. Its like a wrestler being able to outposition say a blue belt in bjj. Just because they can do that does NOT mean they have the technical knowledge of a blue, so they will still have to gain that level of knowledge before being promoted.

I got a certificate yesterday for a new rank. Coming up in the club with me are guys who have been in judo twice as long but were behind the Iron Curtain and are getting official recognition. Also guys who have been in for half the time. All of them train hard, know as much or more than me, are solid athletes on the mat, and are contributing to the sport not just in the club but in the whole area. And they are all totally different - techniques, backgrounds, personalities, everything.

Why did I get to join this group? Bottom line, someone I trust told me it was time to submit the paperwork, I put it in.

Of course I notice they edited my application - didn't let me list osaekomi as favorite waza, and all that stuff about stalling and kicking the shins isn't there anymore...

for me, started in 76 as a kid, got shodan in 88...long time...with many tournaments and practices in between

It deffinalty verys club to club, area to area, state to state, and deffianlty country to country.

Find a club and instructor that suits your needs, not your "wants" and you should be in good shape.

"you need to be a blackbelt to compete in most major tournaments"

I don't know what you mean by major. You need one to sign for you for at any local tournament. I don't believe any of the national or regional US tournaments require a specific rank. Some of them, like the US Open, or the Olympic trials, require you to have JI points. I started fighting in nationals at brown belt and there were plenty of others there, even some greens. Of course Nationals is maybe not as tough as US Open or New York Open, but, it is supposed to be the best in the US (minus those with so many points they don't need to go).

Of course, *placing* in national and regional tournaments counts towards promotion, placing requires *winning*, winning counts towards promotion...

Dr. Ashida said with his method he could get someone to BB level in Judo in three months.

I was scared to ask what his method would be.

I've been to tournaments where they wouldn't let certain ranks go up (if he can fight at that level, why isn't he promoted) - I just haven't seen it in writing very often. The sign off is a detail but it's not a exactly a barrier to getting into the action, unless you're going to a tournment by yourself. When you're a new gung ho guy going to everything while everybody else stays home...that's when the black belt needs to get himself to the tournament early and help out his teammate with the paperwork.

Sandy, Doc was reffering to the "Kosen" methods of training judo....Similar to Bjj but deffinalty its own enity and approach to Judo.

I.e. diffrent dragging methods into matwork w/ submissions.

Don't you listen to them, I make you black belt, three weeks, top.

Special program, I see much potential in you.

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