How long to prep for first amateur fight?

Few months? How much should time should I set aside each week? I'm almost 24, can I still get pretty decent? (at an amateur level, I know I won't go pro.)

How long have you been training? What kind of shape are you in now?

6 weeks should be enough time if you work hard and are in decent shape

I have been training off and on (hard with school and work) for about a year. I want to get back in shape and maybe train for a fight when I have a semester off.

Do you mean how long to get your skills up to par or your fitness up to par?


I agree with Somerville Bad Boy about six weeks being good for the fitness/conditioning portion. Skills wise, that's pretty subjective. Do you have a coach to guide you through this?

I think just do your research on where you're going to do your fight and make sure they'll match you up with an evenly skilled opponent.

I'd say 6 mo. to learn basic skills and 8 wks. to prepare for first fight after that 6wks would be fine if student kept in good condition.