How long until currency is completely digital?

This is one of the most important chess moves in the “Great Reset.”
During the pandemic, there were “coin shortages” and many businesses stopped accepting cash because of surface transmission misinformation.

The USD is basically backed by military might, and with the automation of the military comes the full automation and control of the ones and zeroes which will replace our dollar.

What would the Fed love more than to be able to shut the printers off and manipulate currency globally from a single desk?

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We’re doomed.


People need to realize that if world powers manage to shut down crypto, we are all at the mercy of an inevitable digital currency, which will essentially disable the free market.

If the lockdown has taught us anything, it’s that world governments will ignore their own constitutions whenever they feel like it, and nobody will do anything about it.

If they can recruit the common man to run his own marketing campaign free of charge, to get his friends, family and children injected with an experimental phase-3 cocktail, then you can bet your ass you can get ALL of those same people to adopt a new “scientific” and “efficient” model of currency exchange.
If this great innovation involves a chip in their right hand - they’ll get it injected on day 1.

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how will a digital currency shut down a free market? once we moved to a fiat currency, it doesn’t really matter if currency is printed or digital so long as each unit of it is accounted for.

but i don’t think we’ll ever completely move away from paper currency.

The Fed only has so much control over paper currency manipulation, and it’s a pain in the ass for them to implement.
See Quantitative Easing for further details.

The manipulation they could have over fully digital currency would require abstract legalese terms which haven’t even been invented yet. The effect that the market has on the currency itself would be up their discretion.

Most importantly, the ability to remove INDIVIDUALS from the market for any reason is terrifying. This is a practice already present in China.
It’s really already present here too, but is a convoluted spiderweb of obfuscation through banks and credit unions.

How do you put digital currency in a strippers g-string?


It absolutely matters. My cash transactions aren’t tracked. My digital transactions are.

Use your phone and insert into their implanted chip

are you suggesting that the treasury would be removed from the equation completely under this digital currency?

also, the government has the ability to seize all of your assets now. how many people are sitting on more than a few grand in cash today?

that has yet to be determined although you’re probably right. but how does that shut down a free market? lots of people do 100% digital transactions.

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I’m suggesting that the Fed is in the business of currency manipulation which isn’t in the best interest of the people. Digitalization would only give them more tools to fuck over the general public, and once it’s implemented, there’s no gaining that control back.

i don’t think it’ll ever be completely digital. not in my life time anyway.

Let’s talk about some of the more important implications of going digital…How are we going to tip the strippers?

Use your digits

You will own nothing and you will be happy.

You will live in a little box and you will be happy.

You will have a third parent and you will obey.

This is inevitable, people do nothing until they’ve lost everything. But you’ll never lose everything, you’ll just lose most of the things.

Don’t forget

You will eat bugs and be happy.
The globalist war on red meat is very real.