How long until Hollywood gets tired of losing $$ on wokeness?

typical…you say something racist (then claim it’s racist when people point that out)

and again you ignore the main point. the previous 2 spider-man film series did not have peter in a special school, and no one complained about that. if you are insisting that peter must attend a special school, kindly provide a reason why that must be the case, because every film/tv show and source comic prior to now do not prove that assumption out.

to be more specific, peter attended ps 108 in the comics. it was only in homecoming that the school that peter attended was changed to be based on a specialized school

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That is what the Comic’s Code was. Horror, Detective, etc. comics were all pretty popular. Then the McCarthy era comes along and they are accused of being communist degeneracy. “Capeshit” and Archie were about all that survived that.

How bad to you think the coming backlash against being woke is going to hurt Hollywood?

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Yes, it is racist to demand that all of Peter’s classmates be white.

Marvel properties often are behind the times in order to not have to change too many details about characters that were invented in the 1960s. The example I used earlier was trying to still act like Hell’s Kitchen is in any way a working-class neighborhood.

Disney did not have to make Peter go to a specialized school. Disney didn’t have to do anything. But, it makes a lot more sense in the 2010s then him not going to one.

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Not a single white kid

There is no way you can spin McCarthyism into some lunatic’s quixotian quest.
He was fundamentally right and history proved him beyond right. He was basically America’s Cassander.
McCarthy was hated by jews since the end of ww2 but because of some pressure he was at least allowed to make noise.
The only thing wrong with McCarthy"ism" is that he didn’t go far enough and ultimately didn’t accomplish much - precisely because he cucked out in the end, being surrounded by jews.

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Correct, it was all a long con. Jerry Siegel got the McCarthyite attack dogs to go after the competition when he was the commie infiltrator the whole time.

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Thank you for the inspirational GIF. She probably wants to fuck me

This is very disingenuous of you. I never stated that Peter’s classmates had to be white. That is, at best, a strawman you made and at worst a lie.

I regret thinking you weren’t a troll who was interested in an honest discussion.

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You said it was racist to say that it is racist to make all of Peter’s classmates white. Which is pretty convoluted.

But to break it down, what is the allowable number of non-white secondary characters with names and speaking roles that Peter can be friends with? Keeping in mind that non-white people outnumber white people at the school it is based off of 4:1.

They let him make enough noise to use it against him. Gave him just enough rope for them to hang him with.

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What exactly is the problem with what he said?

Thing is, people are bored and everyone is online 24/7.

People are watching shit no matter what. Theres not much else in life these days. So they will keep making them.

So in a sense it looks like profits are good and everyone is happy, but everyone is still watching, still giving the next movie/show a chance but just complaining like we do shit sucks, and that keeps the views/buys coming in.

I for one welcome our new diversity overlords.

Lmao - Fatality

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do u think female-to-male trannies brag about who has the bigger man-made dick?

Fuck all that, if it ain’t white it ain’t right. White people have always been in Marvel movies, and if they don’t continue to be it’s woke and/or racist

Why would they even call the new characters the same name as the old ones if they are going to be completely different in looks,race, personality and background? Just make them new characters then if they want to raceswap. Spidermans new bully could be Pradeep instead of Flash, if its a good character and a good story no one would care that much.

And hollywood is so creatively bankrupt, manga and anime create wildly popular series all the time, with new characters and stories. look at things like demonslayer, one punch man, attack on titan,etc… those are all relatively new stories being told. How many times do we need a reboot of spiderman, superman, batman, i know hollywood wants the name recognition but japan doesn’t always seem to rely on that and now demon slayer outsells all modern released American comics combined.

And iam not talking about knockoff characters like the new batwomen or Miles Morales,Asian hulk, women thor, black captain america,etc…

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