How long until HW division is unified?

Gotta figure now that the "linear" title is out of Fedor's hands, it's only a matter of time until the UFC poaches Werdum or Overeem and unifies the titles. Those guys don't have Fedor's crazy management team and will go where the money is.

What are Werdum and Overeem's contract situations?

It would be stupid to sign Werdum now. Wait until the Overeem fight first. Werdum washed out once. At leas Alistair is new blood. If he wins - that = much bigger fight.

Tomato Can - What are Werdum and Overeem's contract situations?

Overeem just signed a new deal before his last fight. Werdum is still on his original Strikeforce contract. Both guys DO have a champions clause.

Werdum's had three fights in Strikeforce...presumably they tied him up before giving him this fight?