How long until Khabib runs out of money?

I keep hearing stories about Khabib’s spending like how he rented an entire house and cars for his team, rented a hotel room for GSP.

I know he made a bunch of money, but he didn’t make an infinite amount of money right?

I can imagine that his new promotion and his goat farm is gonna fund this for the rest of his life, so does he eventually run out of money?



I hear he’s a pretty frugal guy. He doesn’t really indulge in luxury items and pomp. He still lives in his childhood home, and the cost in Dagestan probably isn’t too much. I’m sure he has lots of endorsements and he has some business ventures providing him decent income

I imagine he will be quite fine.


And he has oligarchs offering him money at all times lol
So yea, never


Does he get anything off Hasbullah? I feel like having a popular figure named mini Khabib out there a year after he left and still being one of the top topics on this forum and any MMA news source has to give him something. Maybe just bargaining power, but I feel like he made his choice and was already set before. Dude listened to his Mom and Dad and will be fine. Like Erik said, he has money offered all the time either way.

This. As a popular face his usefulness to his lords will never cease.


All he needs is a cave and a herd of sheep.


He deserves NONE of Hasbik’s glory or money.


Hasbullah is the man. I’m just saying his name is brought up only second to Conor and he doesn’t talk shit about people’s wives. There’s money in that when you are as famous as Khabib.

I heard he just took delivery on the new Lamborghini big wheel for his nephew. He’ll be taking fights till he’s 60 if he keeps this up.

Renting a house, some cars and a hotelroom…you call that spending?

He’s rich forever. Cost of living in Russia/Dagestan is nothing and he made giant checks. He probably also still has substantial cash coming in from sponsors and maybe fighters that he corners

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This thread is retarded.

“Khabib is the second most popular Muslim athlete on the planet. Man, I wonder how a guy like that could earn money outside of taking fights… I heard he rented an entire house for his team and they did not chip in, I bet he is broke soon. There is just no way he can keep that up. He should have rented them a room to share instead of a house. He likely bought them fish to eat too when he could have saved money and just bought rice. He should follow Dave Ramsey on youtube or something”



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One of the supporters of his camps/gym was a political guy who got busted for money laundering.

MMA gyms and promotions are rife with this sort of thing.

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I bet he never runs out either.

He doesn’t live the lifestyle Conor does. Conor will go broke before Khabib.