How long until Megan Anderson does OnlyFans?

she has to cause she can’t fight



Why are 98% of your posts negative and bitching about something? You are one if the most negative posters here and it isn’t even close.


Because, it’s my personality. It’s how I’m wired. I have an ultra-depressive outlook especially when I’m alone and posting here.


God damn it people.

@Gartlin made a great thread about comments like this a while back.

Every time there’s a pic thread of any woman, someone always brings up poop.

Turd cutter. Fart Box.

FUCK you guys are fucked.


Yeah. How about she’s so hot you want to “kiss her boobs” or “make out with her ass” or “fuck her”?

Can’t say I ever want to eat a girls poop.


Seems like an unhealthy habit…it’s like you’re trying to get other people to be as dead inside as you are.

Bold strategy.


Enough dudes are into that. Even if I was I’d be afraid of catching some intestinal parasite or some fecal borne bacteria. Eating that can’t be good for you.

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a lot of your posts are very entertaining. sometimes you do go a bit dark, but it’s worth it for the sheer entertainment value. be careful not to allow your posting style to keep you miserable if you’re in a bad mood.

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haha people get to let loose their fantasies and pass them off as jokes when there are real lookers involved

I’d let her sit on my lap and piss on me, then lock me in a cupboard and tell me I’ve been a bad boy LOL

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Oh please, as if you’ve never fantasized about a UFC fighter dropping a steaming fresh log on your face. Grow up.


Is she concussed? She wore everything except an under shirt …even a tie!

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Fuck yeah… Rock out with your cock out! You do you my man. One of my favorite posters on the board. FTW, zero lube…

Then call me The Indian In The Cupboard, sign me up…

I’m hoping her fashion consultant advises her to leave more and more in her wardrobe in the future.

I hope so cause that might be my first OF I subscribe too!


I don’t like her personality
I don’t rate her “fighting” ability
I don’t like her trailer trash tats.

But I’d be curious to see this big ol’ bish nakid.


James Krause has banged

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Word around Glory is they for sure be fuckin before!