How Long Until the Article that Starts Like This?

They were tough times for Kalib Starnes. Unaware of his myriad of serious injuries, UFC fans had booed him mercilessly during his fight with Nate Quarry.

"There was a lot going on that no one had any idea about," Kalib said.


What was going on- Lots of sand in his vagina.

Fighters go in with injuries all the time, those men stand and take their beatings like a man and possibly pull out the upset. Real fighters don't RUN from a fight. It's one thing to retreat for a moment, another to run for 3 rounds.

What was really going on- He got rocked by a body shot and didn't have the moxy to take another.

Not saying it won't happen, but you suggest inevitability which I think is nothing short of blind faith at this point.


I'm not sure the status of his UFC contract, but wherever his next 3-4 fights take place, he needs to win them all and look absolutely incredible doing it. He needs to literally look like a completly revamped fighter next time he fights, and that's no easy task.



He's finished. Not being quite skilled enough means you may get more chances. Having no heart and putting on dull fights means you are finished.

I did hear that he sprained his labia shortyly before the fight.

It's a miracle that he was able to run like he did.

Too much spin training, imo

I hope they don't bring him back, that was a pathetic display.

I have to wonder if there was something up. How can you not realize that you're down that badly and literally run from a guy doing the "one armed catcher's mask" attack?


^^ I believe it's called "The Urkel"

"^^ I believe it's called "The Urkel""

Perhaps I'm mistaken, but I believe the technique originated from Screech on Saved By the Bell