How long until the next lockdown?

With this new strain in India and singapore it’s only a matter of time until the media and pundits call for more lockdowns here once someone get it here. I’m sure they will push a mandatory vaccine hard this next time around. I’m guessing right as summer comes to an end they will make their move

I don’t think another lockdown would be tolerated in my lovely state of Indiana. We are wide open and cases are dropping. No way we regress back to lockdowns.

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Depends if you live in a Red state or a liberal hellhole. I currently live in a liberal state and it is already here. They shut down all indoor dining Friday because not enough people are getting the vaccine. The government literally forced businesses closed and the governor said “once enough people are vaccinated we can work on getting back to normal.” Just insane in America.

If you live in a Red state, I would be very surprised if there is another lockdown. I don’t see Florida doing it. Perhaps some liberal cities in those states though.

Zero chance. Even if we get insane cases and the vaccine does not provide coverage against any future variants. There just would be no way business owners would take it anymore without a mini revolution occurring.

It’s not a new strain, it’s a variant, 2 totally different things.

Not true in the PNW. Business owners are bitching about it, but they literally just closed down indoor dining and no one is doing a thing about it, besides complaining. This is with roughly 40% of the state partially vaccinated. The “COVID case numbers” also seem to be fabricated here for the most part now and magically rise just enough to allow another lockdown, yet I can’t find anyone that is actually sick in any of my businesses or anyone else I speak with.

Once the government has control it is hard to get it back.

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Wow did not know that. That surprises me. I feel like in California, really some of the weakest ppl of the country, would have a mini revolution here they tried shutting us down again. Plenty of ppl are already ruined as is but I just can’t see it happening again but I could be very wrong.

Wow. That is FUCKED.

It is insanity. We speak with people all over the country and they are going about their lives as normal while the tyrants in the West Coast are still playing their power games. Countless businesses have already went under and now they are shutting down dining going in to the SUMMER. I’ve never seen so many houses for sale in my area… Let the liberal states burn.

I’m vaccinated so they can fuckoff with that bullshit. I just bought tickets for Rogan and Chappelle at MGM in July. Headed to Havasu for this weekend and booked a trip to Indiana for August. I live in dystopia shit hole California so I just won’t listen to these stupid fucks.

I’m in Texas. So no more lockdowns here.

I doubt there will be any lockdowns here in Alabama.