how long until we get to see carwin vs. lesnar?

that would be a ridiculous fight.... i feel sorry for the ref in that one

at the rate fights happen these days 2-3 years

^yeah, no shit.... :(

I don't understand the above post, The UFC is excellent at booking fights quickly. Boxing takes years to put together big-fights.

a fun fight, but average fan still doesnt know or care enough about Carwin. doesnt make financial sense yet.

 Wrestling wise, this fight would be back and forth, but Shane has good submissions, and his stiking is accurate, and getting better all the time. Anyone who, upon looking at this fight on paper, thinks this fight goes past the second round with Brock winning, is really not looking at the facts...

That being said, I agree, in order for this fight to make sense financially to the UFC, they will have to build Shane up more... No sense in getting Brock demoralized by someone the average fan doesn't know!

 Yeah, Carwin is the only one improving.

That Lesnar guy just sits at home. 

He probably still hasn't figured out that the endings aren't scripted.

 I don't think Brock sits at home, but from the first fight I saw of his to the last, I don't see enough improvement to say that he can beat Shane...

What is Carwin's background? You say the wrestling is back and forth did he wrestle D1? I wish they would give him fights higher in the card so we could see. Maybe he can fight Kongo next.

he looked much bigger this time around actually...i still think cain is at a more advanced level actually

Agent Dennis -  As soon as Shane earns himself a shot at the title.


As stupid as this sounds, I think they'll protect Brock from fights like this. It's one thing for a "big name" like Brock to lose to Mir or Randy, but to lose to a nobody like Carwin at this point wouldn't be good.

I hope they test Carwin soon, see if he has what it takes to beat the better HWs out there.

i think jake o'brien did sign with the ufc again.. and he is listed as a current fighter on the ufc website

I think Carwin has a suspect chin. it seemed to me that Wain rocked Carwin with a couple punches before Carwin took him down and pounded him out. Once Carwin fights somebody with good takedown defense and a solid punch (i.e. Velasquez or Arlovski) he's gonna be in trouble

Carwin beats Lesnar.

stop with the brock hate already

 The UFC looks to book fighters for 3 fights year, maybe more depending.  That's pretty standard.

As for when these two will fight.  Well, if Brock wins the mini HW tournament and Carwin can beat contenders in his next two fights then you could see it later next year.

 Please don't think that I am hating on Brock!? He IS getting better, but I would have like to have seen him progress through the ranks properly, not be thrown into the deep end of the pool right off the bat. OK, let's look at the facts, he lost to an opponent who is talented, but hasn't decisively beaten anyone since he came back from a potentially carreer ending motorcycle accident, he beat Herring, but is Herring on Randy's (in his prime) level. Now he is going to fight Randy, who, if this fight happened a year ago for Randy and today for Brock, Randy wins without question, but today, who REALLY knows?

I guess all of the speculation will have to wait to unfold, but please don't think I am hating on anyone... I am just expressing my opinion. If Brock wins, he deserves to win, if he loses, he deserves to lose...