How long will Jan be champ?

I love Jan and his humble attitude. I don’t think he is the most skilled fighter but he puts power, fight IQ, and his size together well.

I am a big fan of Glover and wouldn’t be bummed if he destroyed another dream, but I don’t think it happens this time. Jan will pick him apart and not make the mistakes that Smith and Thiago made.

If Jan gets past Glover he has a monster in Jiri. I think Jiri is a stronger striker but Jan would pick him apart if he fights with his hands down. I think Jan wins on the ground.

Jiri is the biggest challenge in the near term, who would be the biggest threat after that?

I don’t really care. The UFC is so uninteresting these days. I can barely get myself to steal it and watch for free.

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I’m glad you could muster the energy to reply to my thread then, gracias!


Jiri looks like a new kind of beast. However, both Johnny Walker and Dominic Reyes looked like similar threats a year or two ago. The contenders in the division change so much with lots of new blood that seems to be the next big thing. The hype with Walker was tremendous and he was flashy and devastating. Reyes worked his way up in impressive fashion and in many minds beat Jones. I was thinking the entire Reyes/Jiri fight that Jiri would be a handful for Jones. Bones does not have KO power with the hands and I am not sure anyone has pressured him the way Jiri can. However, this is all a bit of a dream as I doubt Jones moves back down to LHW after packing on the muscle to move to HW. As for Jan, it seems Jiri could give him some trouble, but Jan might take advantage of the hands down and unorthodox approach to land big shots on Jiri resulting in the KO. Not sure anyone else is really on the radar other than Glover and Jiri. The division has lots of guys with KO power, but Jan seems to be more skilled than most. I think he gets by Glover and makes it to late this year before fighting Jiri. If he gets past Jiri, which he can, he might be champ well into 2022. However, there are sure to be many new talents coming forward through the ranks and the landscape will change quite a bit in the next year or so.

It would be nice to see Glover win the big one. It’s just too bad he has to fight Jan for it. Both dudes are so cool, you don’t want to see either one lose.

Jan is 38.

Glover is 41.

Father Time will take the title from either of them after not too long. Both have had impressive careers and Glover, in particular, has been defying the laws of physics. But old guys can’t stay on top for too long in this sport.

Jans gonna get Hammered…

…by Glover

Rakic, Jiri and Glover all pose different but legitimate threats

Outside of this there’s no contenders as it stands