How long would US and citizens hold grudge had we been nuked

There was a general that wanted to go back and finish the fleet off, but he was called off, it could have been worse.

I think the oil embargo on Japan hurt them and they felt like they were being attacked.

I am just a bear and not much of a historian. Others more educated than me can give a better and more detailed answer.

I will summarize it though as japan wanted to get USA off its back so it could continue to establish its foothold in the east with increased access to resources. Japan essentially wanted its place at the world super power table. Same shit everyone else was doing but just in a different part of the world.

Japan would not exist at all. The real question is would we be as thickheaded as the Japanese to think they’d bluff twice?

First nuke, my bad but I was pissed, wasnt thinking and you really played dirty on that one.

Oh, you want another one? YOUR BAD!

Serious question since this has turned into a historical account thread which is fine

Were the bombs to show power or to do damage to specific targets in those cities? If it was just to show here look what we can do to this big city that’s kinda fucked isn’t it? If it’s just to make a point . Think you’d aim for isolated military targets or at least smaller town . Sure I’m wrong


We wouldn’t have to hold a grudge. We would have responded by completely and utterly destroying the Japanese and then subjugating Japan entirely.

There’d be no one left to hold a grudge, Japan would be a state and the few people there would have been beaten into submission to assimilate and live under American governors.


I visited pearl harbor as a kid. Lots of Japs on the boat. They wouldn’t stop talking while the national anthem was being played. My dad wanted to punt them off boat. I agreed with him.

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Maximum civilian casualties and complete destruction of a city… Wasn’t about military targets really. It was about asserting themselves on world stage.

Again this all sounds horrible today but they all would have used nukes. Soviets would have happily killed millions of civilians (as would the USA) so would the British, so would Japan, so would Germany so would Italy, etc.

I imagine ALL BOMBS SUCK, not just the Nukes. Plenty of Civilian Deaths related to Standard Bombing, now made even more easy with drones.

Everyone loves and admires a brave hero and WAR is cool until “you” are the one losing limbs, mobility, or life.


Nuke me once, shame on you…

Yeah, a Japanese guy spit in the water during the moment of silence when my grandparents were there and he always brings it up.

Yep Serbs still talk like occupation ended yesterday. Turks are completely oblivious to all this since they were the occupiers.

Yeah and i think that’s another valid argument… Is one death really worse than another? Are dead civilians worse than dead conscripted soldiers? Are people who died from a nuclear bomb or a chemical weapon really worse than someone who died from gunshot wounds, etc.