How long you been Training & Belt

Just wondering what the standard time most people on here have been training and what belt level they are at?
It seems like BJJ is getting like Karate was back in the 70's when it took 7 or 8 years to get a black belt and they beat your ass to get it. Now there are people getting brown and black belts in 3 and 4 years.

I can see a few phenoms, like BJ Penn, Matt Serra, Mike Fowler etc that compete all the time.

Sux to hear or see a guy who you pummled in a big tournamnent being promoted two belt ahead of you or a guy who came to the school as a white belt, and you were in a purple and he is black belt now.

By the way been training little over 11 years brown belt.

I also think there should be some type of requirments as far as placing in a real legit tournament to be considered for a brown or black belt. Maybe BJJ Black Belts should be something that some people cannot obtain like Attorneys or Brain Surgeons. Just my thoughts.

Over 8 1/2 years, 4 stripe purple belt.

And i've been through every kind of person you mentioned above. From the guys that get promoted ahead to the guy that comes in and in 3 years is kicking my ass.

I think Sam Joseph has been training for at least 17 years and he's still a brown belt so you are waaay ahead of him, Akira Shoji Fan. Of course, he's the lightweight submission fighting champion of the world (or whatever the fuck it's called) and has a green belt in Combat Judo so he does have that going for him.

Yes Sam Joseph has been training like 20 years.

A Black belt is a White belt that never quits...

Yeah but sometimes a Black Belt is a purple or advanced blue belt! that didnt put in the mat time.


then blame the instructor that promoted him for watering down the art...

1.5 years Blue Belt
4yrs Purple Belt

That is with competing and training steady. I never missed a single day up to the day when I got my Blue Belt. And I mean I trained 7days a week sometimes twice a day when I was able to. I was committed and relentless in my pursuit. I now still still train 5days a week sometimes 4.

Our club has classes everday, some/most days have 2 classes available.

I am also a smaller guy (145-150lbs) and find it harder to show your true skills when you are outweighed by guys, who are of equal skill. Bigger newer guys no prbs, but equal skill and their size sometimes makes it hard for small guys to show what they really have.


(Alliance Purple Belt)

That's what I am talking about Dynamite, Alot has to do with where you train also. You can sometimes tell how much a person has put into it by where and who they train under. Its like this guy Wiley, he has been busting his azz for this long this many days and I am sure he knows guys that train at other academys that are brown belts that suck. I think too smaller guys "Are" more technical since they usually train with bigger guys.

4 years: wearing blue

Why is everyone on this site so angry and ready to start a fight? I am not worthy of taking anyones belt, just looking for experiences about belt ranks.

If you have been training 10 Years in Brazilian Jiujitsu then you have earned your belt and congrats on it. Tapping to bigger guys doesnt mean a thing to me.. actually I dont put alot of emphasis on tapping at all, to me it has more to do with positioning and flow.

If you have trained for 10 years and a guy you work with or that works with someone you know gets his black belt in BJJ in 2 years you might be a little pissed, when he is bragging about it at the Christmas party.

Getting on for 4 years and a white blet for life.... As I say it makes tapping the purples all the more fun...

Training roughly 5 years, brown belt.

8 years, purple belt

started out at a small club, got some experience but no real "training".

Now it's almost 4.5 years since I began training under Roy Harris. I'm a purple belt.

And Shen, you are my super-star.

8-9 years training, new brown belt.

I come on this site to laugh at Shen. Funny guy!

and of course to find out about


8 yrs and proud purple!

Purple.  Started the game in '95  or '96 but had a lot of inconsistencies in there from laziness to school to surgery.  Lately I've been consistent.

little over 4 years - purple.

Roberto Atalla told me the worst thing you can do in bjj is compare yourself to others. So, I would say, dont worry about the color on anyone elses belt.

Little over 7 yrs - 2 stripe Brown