How many=100% on GTA 3/VC?

I got it on both. Anyone else?

I was seriously going for it on VC, I got all 100 packages but because I reloaded once without realizing I had gotten a package, one out of the 100 was still there. That pretty much killed the desire. But getting 100% is a very respectable accomplishment as it is not easy.

Yeah, the package thing does suck. I was Jonesing for my last one for awhile. But when I got 100% I just started over totally. I will say VC was easier. Some of the 4x4 missions on 3 were killer.

It's the 4x4 missions that keep me from 100%. I just can't hack it.

Yeah, I never tried too hard (gave up), then when I got it on GTA:VC, I was like "Fuck it, I'm doing it."

If GTA was a series I was diehard over I probably would. I opened every koffin in Mortal Combat Deadly Alliance and nobody even cares about that game.

Glad too see someone else devote so much time for such little reward other than self satisfaction. Who'd you play as Pun? I did some good stuff with Sub-Zero.

My friend and I did it. We did all we could then we bought the strategy guide to find the hidden packages. then we just systematically finished one thing then another. The worst was finding all the fucking different cars. Took forever but the stock car makes getting around town alot easier.

We were so happy with the 100%. We were on 99 forever until we realized we had a 2nd place in the nascar race and needed first. Fire truck was hard too as was taxi.


yeah, first in that Nascar race is tough. IIRC, I saved that for last.

I was doing good until that one random package respawned. I got so far in the Taxi missions, and then some gang member ripped me out of the car and I wanted to break the system and television.

Helwig, you don't have to do all taxi missions in a row. They just accumalate.

No man I'm talking about the regular just drive people for fares part, not the actual "missions"

lofl. I didn't bother getting past like 88

yeah, me too, Hellwig. Just drive around till you hit 100 fares, but you don't need them all at once. After that the cab gets a cool leaping ability.

Oh man then I walked away from it like an idiot. I got to like 70 then got pulled out.

Wow, you musta been bored off your ass, LOL.

Wow, you musta been bored off your ass, LOL.

I was on a roll, doing all the different things to get to 100%. Then it all came crashing down with the respawned package.